Virtual Instruments reviews

  • Applied Acoustics Systems Ultra Analog VA-2 Review

    Applied Acoustics Systems Ultra Analog VA-2 Review - Ultra Ultra?


    AAS renews its virtual analog synth by adding VA-2 to its name. But that is obviously not the only change. Here's a detailed overview.

  • Steinberg HALion 5 Review

    Steinberg HALion 5 Review - HALion Doing?


    Twelve years after the first version of HALion — the sampler "made in Steinberg" — came out, it's time for the fifth generation to make its debut with a lot of new features. But will it be enough to compete with the two major players, namely Kontakt and MachFive?

  • FXpansion BFD3 Review

    FXpansion BFD3 Review - The Kingdom Of Three


    FXpansion recently introduced BFD3, the third version of its comprehensive drums software. A simple revision or a true update deserving a new version number? And what is its place in a universe already overcrowded? Let's find out.

  • Native Instruments Cuba Review

    Native Instruments Cuba Review - The Caribbean Touch


    The newest addition to Native Instruments' Kontakt libraries is called Cuba. It was conceived to provide the typical sound of Afro-Cuban music, a territory seldom treaded by music library publishers. So, how did they do?

  • VI Labs True Keys Review

    VI Labs True Keys Review - Is It Time For The Truth?


    As a newcomer in the virtual acoustic pianos family, VI Labs declares its ambition right from start, and it begins with the name: True Keys. Does it hold its promises?

  • UVI Vintage Legends Review

    UVI Vintage Legends Review - Modern Classics...


    UVI seems to have decided to bring back to life the myths of synthesis in the form of sample libraries for its own UVI platform and compatible programs. Let's have a detailed look at one of them: Vintage Legends.

  • Native Instruments Battery 4 review

    Native Instruments Battery 4 review - Battery 4


    With version 4 of its “drum sampler” included in both editions of Komplete 9 and available separately, what does Native Instruments propose to do ? Answers below.

  • Native Instruments Monark Pro Review

    Native Instruments Monark Pro Review - The King Talks


    In the domain of analogue synthesizer emulation, the race for fidelity continues. The biggest breakthroughs have not necessarily originated from the top editors. One of them, Monark, is reacting with a promise of the most faithful recreation of an old analogue hero, the Minimoog.

  • iZotope Iris Review

    iZotope Iris Review - At Your Beck and Call


    iZotope is famous for its effects, audio processing and restoration tools. Now, the manufacturer enters the world of virtual instruments with the launch of Iris, its first synth. Knowing iZotope, we expect nothing but a very original approach. Are we wrong?

  • Orange Tree Samples Passion Flute Review

    Orange Tree Samples Passion Flute Review - The Flute Passion


    After the launch of a remarkable string instrument series, Orange Tree Samples enriches its offering with a new virtual concert flute, among other products.