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2x12 Guitar Cabinets user reviews

  • Randall R 212 CB

    Randall R 212 CB - "Great cabinet"


    The Randall R212 CB was designed by the company for optimal use with the Randall Modular Tube Series line of amplifiers. However, at its core it is basically a fairly standard 212 cabinet. It seems very similar to a Mesa Rectififer 212 as far as the …

  • Genz-Benz GB 212G-Flex

    Genz-Benz GB 212G-Flex - nickname009's review


    This is a great cab. Let me just say I have no interest in Lynch's tone, I was and never have been a big fan of his tone or his music. Though I respect that he can play quite well. The Gflex is endorsed by him but I didn't buy it because of him. I bo…

  • Avatar Speakers Traditional G212H Premier

    Avatar Speakers Traditional G212H Premier - nickname009's review


    I've owned two of these at two different times. One all black with black wheat grill and one black with a tan wheat grill. Both have been totally sturdy and completely reliable! Both also sounded great! One of them had 2 vintage 30s loaded, the ot…

  • Avatar Speakers Contemporary 212

    Avatar Speakers Contemporary 212 - "best bang for the buck cab! ever!"


    Personally, it's sometimes difficult to judge whether a cab is good or not. As most of them are built quite well and nearly 99% of them are some sort of birch ply. Even if it's not, sometimes they can still sound great depending on the speaker. I thi…

  • Mesa Boogie Recto 2x12 Horizontal

    Mesa Boogie Recto 2x12 Horizontal - "A killer 2x12 cabinet"


    The Mesa Boogie Rectifier 2x12 cabinet comes in at about $650 new, which is high priced for a new 2x12 cabinet, but you are paying for a high quality and just GREAT sounding cabinet by all means. Compared to the Marshall 1936, it's a heavier cabinet …

  • Marshall 1936

    Marshall 1936 - "Not bad, but there is better"


    The Marshall 1936 cabinet comes in at about $500 new, which is a decent deal considering that it's a proper British made cabinet that is loaded with a set of genuine Celestion speakers. The construction of this cabinet seems to be reasonably robust. …

  • Avatar Speakers vintage 2x12

    Avatar Speakers vintage 2x12 - "great cab"


    This is avatar's over sized 2x12 cabinet. You can get them loaded with all kinds of speakers but I chose to buy mine unloaded and put one warehouse guitar speakers veteran 30 and one warehouse British lead in it. The cab can be ordered with different…

  • Vox AC30 Fawn 2x12 Celestion Blue Cabinet

    Vox AC30 Fawn 2x12 Celestion Blue Cabinet - "Fawn look but Bucking tone"


    The major difference in this amp to the regular production Vox Ac30 cab that the amp is housed in. The first being that the black tolex is replaced with a fawn tolex cover that is reminiscent to the first Vox amps made in the late 50's with four inpu…

  • Mesa Boogie Roadster 2x12

    Mesa Boogie Roadster 2x12 - "Rock solid"


    Absolutely love this cab! Mesa builds things to withstand abuse and road readiness. This cabinet is no exception. Built with high quality birth wood and solid tolex it can rip but most Recto cab in my experience held its own. This was typically …

  • Basson Sound B212

    Basson Sound B212 - "A sadly underrated, yet awesome cabinet!"


    This Basson cabinet was my first proper speaker cabinet that I purchased new in late 2008. I did many hours of research and decided to take a chance with this company who I hadn't heard much about. They had a new and unique way of constructing their …