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2x12 Guitar Cabinets user reviews

  • Splawn Amplification 212 standard horizontal

    Splawn Amplification 212 standard horizontal - " Excellent speaker!"


    If Splawn heads I had tried or were frankly disappointed me, I've just not been able to "return" it to the store 2x12. I ordered a Quick Rod stack with the 2x12 in Small Blocks match. When I unpacked the 2x12, I was surprised to see him finish as the…

  • ENGL E212VHB Pro Straight 2x12 Cabinet

    ENGL E212VHB Pro Straight 2x12 Cabinet - " The top of the range 2x12"


    2x12 cabinet, equipped with Celestion V30, one of the references in the rock / metal and other field. The sound output is more than high! The front grille protects very well hp mishandling, it is very useful in small concert halls and everyone co…

  • Blackstar Amplification HTV-212

    Blackstar Amplification HTV-212 - " Change HP absolutely ..."


    I bought this cabinet because I had a 4X12 Bugera (excellent quality / price ratio also) and I wanted something less imposing with its different! Anyway, I plugged various heads (Bugera 333XL, Marshall Haze and MA, Fender Supercontrol) and the verd…

  • Nameofsound 2x12 Black Warrior Vertical

    Nameofsound 2x12 Black Warrior Vertical - " Excellent speaker!"


    I tried Marshall (zero), Mesa (very good), Engl (very good), Orange (medium) and the NOS and the best I've had! It was worth the Mesa and Engl while being less expensive. It has a great look, is very well built with top quality gear, there are rem…

  • Mesa Boogie Recto 2x12 Horizontal

    Mesa Boogie Recto 2x12 Horizontal - " A reference"


    I used it for 2 months in a Rock / Metal registry. His purchase was not planned because I had also a Framus 2x12 Celestion Vintage 30. But I had the opportunity to acquire it for a pittance. I was able to compare the difference between rendering my…

  • Orange PPC212C

    Orange PPC212C - " NAZE"


    Heard in concert: not so personally owned (and fortunately), I have tried a lot of speakers on which I played in concert and my homemade speakers. Big bass with V 30 it hides some things, they are deaf, smothered to death and precision dribbling 0/…

  • Harley Benton G212

    Harley Benton G212 - " good for troubleshooting"


    I use this cabinet for a few months this cabinet before I play on several marshall and speaker brand fame in 4x12 v30 the sound is a bit difficult to describe, it is not bad but lacks a serious kick ass personality level especially at first, it m…

  • DV Mark C212 Standard

    DV Mark C212 Standard - " not so bad, but ...."


    How long have you use it? 2 years, often or very often What is the particular feature you like best and least? weight, of course. the weight tolerance curve is inverted to that of the age, the more veillit least we want to wear a 4X12 beech …

  • ENGL E212SB Standard Slanted 2x12 Cabinet

    ENGL E212SB Standard Slanted 2x12 Cabinet - " Perfect for cramped scenes"


    Received it a week ago. I was looking for a less bulky cabinet while retaining sins and made that bear comparison with my Mesa 4x12 (not easy to cram in all the scenes. Sturdy construction, steel grid, reasonable well positioned handles and weight, a…

  • Port City Amps 212

    Port City Amps 212 - " Awesome"


    I have this cabinet since June 2013, jointly controlled head Two Rock: I chose this cabinet for two reasons. - I have a friend who had one for 2 years and I must say it came out pretty incredible sounds for a 2x12. With my 412 CAA, I sometimes soun…