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Acoustic Guitars user reviews

  • Eko Rio Grande VI

    Eko Rio Grande VI - "Great vintage guitar" has images


    I use this guitar for finger picking - but it sounds better being strummed. It has a mellow tone. It is somewhat less loud than some other guitars. But it is quite loud enough. The cool things about it are that 1. It is a prettier guitar t…

  • Trace Elliot garry miller

    Trace Elliot garry miller - "Trace elliot TA35CR" has images


    What a great amp ..Have owned and gigged this amplifier for 30 years with no trouble at all.. wonderfull sounding rich amplifier and from a world known Bass amplifier maker... Their reputation is well deserved..I paid £1600 for this in the nineti…

  • Guild GAD-F40

    Guild GAD-F40 - "Handcrafted Solid Tone Woods superb sounding OM" has images


    I wanted an OM style guitar to have along with my Santa Cruz Tony Rice Dreadnought . Now these are hand made in China, actually hand made, and use all solid tone woods, Mine has Sitka spruce top and flame maple back and sides, like I said no laminate…

  • Walden Natura D610T

    Walden Natura D610T - "Good instrument"


    I'm a strummer/picker. Got that out of the way. This model is discontinued and no longer listed at the maker's website. From clues about other of their similar models and what I see myself I draw the following conclusions about the woods: Standard…

  • Silvertone F hole, arch top/bottom

    Silvertone F hole, arch top/bottom - "Saving Sylvia" has images


    When you have an arch top/bottom f-hole all laminate guitar you're not looking for big booming sound so get used to it! Sure, it's a cheapy Sears Silvertone but I have a love affair with it. Has a beautiful sunburst, a great looking guitar even tho…

  • Yamaha FG-200

    Yamaha FG-200 - "On the Nippon Gakki (Japanese made) models"


    I was given this guitar in 1978 due to a badly bent neck, a common problem in all the guitars made in the same factory, probably an unfortunate selection of neck wood. I recommend 10/52 gauge, never tune high, if you use open tunings always go dow…

  • Cort L450C

    Cort L450C - "This amazing guitar!" has images


    I use the guitar primarily for picking, as I dont use a plectrum. However, like everyone, I also need to strum a little. I play up and down the neck in a variety of styles, but this little beauty loves, and I mean loves, playing blues style. The s…

  • Dell'arte leadbelly 6

    Dell'arte leadbelly 6 - "Dell Arte Leadbelly 6 String guitar"


    Awesome Guitar. Well worth the money. Beautiful. Well made and Beautiful Fit and Finish with Quality Woods. I want to BUY this 6 String Dell Arte 6 String Leadbelly Guitar. Please Contact me at donsjohns@yahoo.com I want this guitar. Please contact…

  • Washburn D12S

    Washburn D12S - "Great "all-around" acoustic guitar"


    I actually received the guitar as a gift from a dear friend, back in 1994. He had purchased it "New" from a music store in Portland OR. If I recall correctly, he paid $375. I'm a banjo player, at heart, and had been playing alot of bluegrass festival…

  • Martin & Co LXK2 Little Martin

    Martin & Co LXK2 Little Martin - "Full-size tone in a travel-size guitar"


    The Martin & Co LXK2 is a travel-sized guitar with a short 23" scale. It is crafted in Mexico from beautiful Koa Wood, contributing to it's darker, softer tone. The build and finish is quintessential Martin, right down to the expertly executed joiner…