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Acoustic Guitars user reviews

  • Taylor XXXV-TF

    Taylor XXXV-TF - "No faults only joyousness"


    I purchased this guitar new from a local dealer after looking at it for several years (KOA is my favorite) and previously purchasing several Taylors (my favorite). I played it often and studied it very closely. After saving the purchase price and fin…

  • National Tricone Hollowneck polished nickel plated brass

    National Tricone Hollowneck polished nickel plated brass - "The Ultimate Blues Machine" has images


    This series are hand made in the USA. They are limited in number (mine is 007). As an acoustic tri-cone, there are no controls. The most unique thing about this guitar is that it has a hollow square neck constructed as an extension of the body (i.e.:…

  • Dell'arte Pigalle DG-P1

    Dell'arte Pigalle DG-P1 - "Dell'Arte DG P1 Pigalle"


    Italy 2013 great guitar 10/10 you can hear Solid Engelmann Spruce Top Rosewood Back & Sides Mahogany Neck Rosewood Fretboard Scale Length: 26.4" Dell'Arte Art Deco Headstock Inlay Grover Tuning Machines Rosewood Mustache Bridge Brass M…

  • Lâg Tramontane T66D12

    Lâg Tramontane T66D12 - "Lag t66 d12"


    Beautiful honey mahogany neck Finger board is Indonesian rosewood Head stuck is stunning High gloss finish UTILIZATION I picked this beauty up completely randomly in a shop and bought it straight away For a 12 string it plays so easily and ef…

  • Yamaha FG-180-1

    Yamaha FG-180-1 - "Stop! Good deal!"


    The Yamaha FG-180 is a dreadnought-type Folk guitar with a slim mahogany neck with "boat" profile, almost flat rosewood fingerboard. Mine has the red-orange Nippon Gakki tag, so it's manufactured in Japan. No clue about when it was born, but it certa…

  • Epiphone Hummingbird

    Epiphone Hummingbird - "Buy something else"


    Made in Indonesia. Very low quality spruce top. UTILIZATION Terrible fret job. I returned it and the replacement wasn't much better. SOUNDS This is a very poorly built guitar. Buy an Ibanez or Yamaha instead. I sold mine after 7 months and b…

  • Martin & Co 000-16GT

    Martin & Co 000-16GT - "Great tones!"


    The Martin 000-16GT is a 6 stringer guitar that has solid mahogany on the back and on the side of it. This acoustic is one of those ones that get better with time. They say the longer this wood sits the better it will get so it will be interesting to…

  • Epiphone DR-100

    Epiphone DR-100 - "not expensive and solid tones"


    The Epiphone DR-100 (Ebony) is a 6 string guitar that has a spruce top and it is mahogany on the sides and back. The fret board is rosewood and the neck is mahogany as well. You can actually purchase this guitar in Natural, Vintage Burst and Mahogany…

  • Taylor GS Mini (Mahogany Top)

    Taylor GS Mini (Mahogany Top) - "Small with a good tone"


    If you are searching for something that is affordable and very nice to take around to travel with even if you are not a gigging musician than the Taylor GS Mini is the way to go. This guitar is small and durable; it has a beautiful finish and feel to…

  • Taylor Baby Mahogany

    Taylor Baby Mahogany - "The size is good"


    The Taylor Baby Mahogany has an ebony bridge with 19 frets on it. The finish on this guitar is very beautiful and rich. I have used this guitar for a long time but I do sort of classify it as a “beginner’s guitar” but not because of the quality. The…