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Acoustic Guitars user reviews

  • Sigma DM-5

    Sigma DM-5 - "Great import acoustic."


    DM-5 Dreadnought Specifications = Made in Japan Spruce top Mahogany back and sides Black and white binding Natowood neck (joined at the 14th fret) Rosewood fingerboard Nickel-silver frets Open in-line tuning machines Adjustable rosewood br…

  • Martin & Co LXM

    Martin & Co LXM - "A winner for travel."


    Martin LXM Java Mahogany Features: Construction: Mortise/Tenon Neck Joint Body Size: Modified 0 - 14 Fret Top: Spruce Pattern High-pressure Laminate Textured Finish Rosette: Gold & Black Style Herringbone Top Bracing Pattern: Modified 1 Style T…

  • Epiphone 6830

    Epiphone 6830 - moosers's review


    The Epiphone 6830 is a jumbo acoustic guitar. I believe these guitars where made during the early 1970’s, but I’m not sure on the exact dates of production. I’ve used this guitar a bunch in the studio as it’s a main stay for one of the studios that…

  • Alhambra Guitars 7P

    Alhambra Guitars 7P - "great for classical music"


    The Alhambra Guitar Classiq 7p is a nylon string, guitar was made in Japan and I believe that it has 24 frets. It doesn't have a pick up and is not an acoustic-electric guitar - because of this it has no setting controls. UTILIZATION I love the …

  • Walden D 670

    Walden D 670 - "reasonable price"


    The Walden D 670 guitar has 19 frets. It doesn't come with a pick up, but the one I have has a pick up installed that was put on when I bought it. It isn't inherently acoustic-electric so it doesn't have any setting controls. Having the pick up is ni…

  • Yamaha FG700S

    Yamaha FG700S - "A real workhorse"


    The Yamaha FG700S is one of the standard dreadnought models available to the public. It's priced so that it is within the reach of many beginning and intermediate players. It features a solid sitka spruce top, nato back and sides, rosewood fretboard,…

  • Yamaha LL6

    Yamaha LL6 - "Great value"


    This guitar is part of Yamaha's handcrafted L Series. These guitars are noted worldwide for their rich tone, fantastic construction and general high quality all around. The LL6 is part of the lowest priced line of L Series guitars. This one has a dre…

  • Martin & Co DM

    Martin & Co DM - "good sound"


    This is a great Acoustic guitar made by one of my favorite guitar manufacturers. I have been getting more into the dreadnought sound recently, as I've been playing by myself and need a more powerful sound when I play. The guitar has a sitka spruce to…

  • Washburn J12S

    Washburn J12S - "very unique"


    This is a unique acoustic guitar. It has a rosewood neck and fretboard, a rosewood back and sides, and a cedar soundboard. It has 21 frets, and is acoustic, so it has no pickups or volume controls. UTILIZATION The last few frets on this guitar …

  • Martin & Co Steel String Backpacker Guitar

    Martin & Co Steel String Backpacker Guitar - "Plays well, but not ergonomic."


    Made in Mexico Braced, solid tonewood top Solid mahogany neck, back, and sides Nice chrome-enclosed tuners Weighs less than 2-1/2 lbs. Great for traveling or camping! UTILIZATION This guitar is easy enough to play. The neck and the string tens…