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Amps & Monitors user reviews

  • Yamaha MSP5A

    Yamaha MSP5A - " Steel Monitors"


    Strength and reputation Monitoring the output of mixer Computer / Sound Card / Mixing or mixing machines, or 2. SOUNDS MSP5 the ultra flat. I got them used with the corresponding sub. these loudspeakers are accurate, hard and tiring but the…

  • Dangerous Music Source

    Dangerous Music Source - " Excellent converter monitoring"


    Converter used for monitors, allows you to hear many details and manage the monitoring of simple and efficient way. You can choose between different sources: Analog 1 or 2 analog, AES / EBU and S / PDIF (one), and USB. Ditto for the headphone, the so…

  • Cabasse Sampan

    Cabasse Sampan - " A Wonder"


    What characteristics have motivated your choice? Impedance and power dynamics are at the appointment. For what purpose? Every day and I do not get enough What amp / What configuration? Loaded with an amplifier TEAC SOUNDS The spectrum i…

  • Pioneer S-DJ80X

    Pioneer S-DJ80X - " Good Product for the mix"


    After listening to this chamber expo, I decided to buy a pair to prepare my sets to my home. Pleasantly surprised, it is a specific speaker with enough roundness. SOUNDS The spectrum is well represented, good dynamics, Precise, pregnant is a s…

  • ADAM S3X-V

    ADAM S3X-V - " A very good plan, provided to associate it with a subwoofer"


    Three ways to a still reasonable budget. Hifi use only. SOUNDS The curve is slightly upward of origin; but after slight attenuation of acute, everything falls into place, and the overall balance is impeccable. Transparency is excellent. Only d…

  • Bose 301 series II

    Bose 301 series II - " Exceptional for their size and age!"


    I grew up with these speakers that my father had even bought him when he was 17, he is now 47 I have recovered and they came to my office (about 20m). They and the amp (Kenwood KA-880D) have a whole lot of hours on the clock and yet the sound is stil…

  • M-Audio AV 40

    M-Audio AV 40 - " Reject report"


    Pregnant first monitoring purchased for the home studio. SOUNDS They starved low. Normal for speakers in this price range but it is useless to compose. They also provide a sound without heat and flat medium. OVERALL OPINION I do not recommend…

  • PSI Audio A21-M

    PSI Audio A21-M - " Serious monitoring"


    Technology treating the phase response was heckled me on paper and in two minutes of listening I was convinced. Also I like the attention given to the insulation of the amplifiers in each speaker, spring loaded. These are serious people. SOUNDS …

  • Fostex PM-SUBn

    Fostex PM-SUBn - " surprising"


    Given the configuration of my pc cabinet, the template of this box was one of the few to agree, not too heavy or too "low end" and its power (68w) is well suited to monitors brand and the volume my Piolé. SOUNDS The sub is only 8 "but it comes do…

  • Fostex PM0.4

    Fostex PM0.4 - " offal pc kits, long live the monitoring!"


    inaudible to the rest so near perfect in Piolé, they never even fully saturate their power (2x36w) is more than enough as background music during my sessions office / counted / etc. SOUNDS Coupled with 2.1 sub brand, the spectrum is very wide, a …