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Amps & Monitors user reviews

  • Genelec 1029A

    Genelec 1029A - " notice"


    very good product, which dates already for several years but reliable and sonority very neutral and good quality, metal formwork which supports many scratches, very good rating on the second-hand market in spite of its age, up to 400 euros pair next …

  • Sonodyne SM 100AK

    Sonodyne SM 100AK - " Excellent"


    Senior Monitoring in Home Studio, mix music and post production. SOUNDS Very good dynamic power control. No fatigue during extended mixes. they do not drop as low as monitorings bigger, but it sends the bottom is clean and crisp. A nice res…

  • Pmc Twotwo.6

    Pmc Twotwo.6 - " Very good speakers"


    I wanted to buy good monitor speakers as part of a home studio. it is therefore the first purchase. I read in several forums, they fallaient start with good speakers before buying any hardware. And indeed, I think this is one of the first investment …

  • Focal CMS 50

    Focal CMS 50 - aligi's review


    Before I used that had as passive failure to make unmanageable mix at low Tannoy. As my space is very limited I also need tracks can be placed very close to the walls. I use it mainly for recording vocals, guitar, bass, synths and prémixs and mixes…

  • ADAM S1X

    ADAM S1X - " fat"


    The first pair of speakers with a professional look I am using a Lavry da 10 to its output the sound from the speakers use for comp mix mastering SOUNDS dynamics are huge stereo image is good I think its very well retranscrive pregnant realit…

  • M-Audio BX8a

    M-Audio BX8a - " Perfect for first monitors"


    At the time of my choice, around 2004, I compared all the models available in the store. These were the most expensive (450 €, they dropped a lot since then), but they were spraying others: powerful sound, light, big bass and fine treble, quite the o…

  • Yamaha MSP5

    Yamaha MSP5 - " at this price, it is MSP5 that convinced me"


    clarity, balance the spectrum. The output of a Roland VS880EX. SOUNDS A slight weakness in the bass. Dynamics is surprising category The stereo image is a little tighter. The clarity and precision are very satisfactory on the whole spectr…

  • Focal Solo6 Be

    Focal Solo6 Be - " Not my thing"


    For monitoring. Choice because of the reputation ... The Look is SUBLIME! never seen such beautiful. SOUNDS CAUTION TWEETER beryllium love it or leaking! So already it is not neutral, metallic treble for me (ca password or it breaks) and to…

  • JBL 4333

    JBL 4333 - " SUPER PREGNANT!!!!"


    excellent hi-fi use SOUNDS the sound is clear and precise OVERALL OPINION owner for 9 years …

  • Tannoy Reveal 502

    Tannoy Reveal 502 - " Beautiful animals!"


    After hesitating with Iris, the characteristics that have motivated my choice are mainly (not to mention technical specifications available on the respective site): 1 - the price (289 € the pair with the TC level pilot in Woodbrass) 2 - the respe…