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Amps & Monitors user reviews

  • Tannoy Reveal 502

    Tannoy Reveal 502 - " Very good"


    Having never owned a studio monitors, it seemed wise choice due to its price / quality ratio. I use the speakers in a home studio base configuration. SOUNDS To my ears little "home studio", it suits me PERFECTLY. The sound seems accurate on…

  • ADAM A8X

    ADAM A8X - " Very very good monitor"


    After working on Yamaha HS80M which for me are inaccurate in the low end and low mid, I turned to Adam and A8X A8x why not A7x or A77X? because according to my area which is governed 25m2 I needed midfields monitorings which can descend to at least 3…

  • Yamaha MSP7

    Yamaha MSP7 - Le Garage Studio's review


    They come out of the sound. For the rest, go to the instructions! SOUNDS I will not dwell on the neutrality of a frequency curve or dynamic or stereo image or the fact that they are not even able to make me a fried egg. OVERALL OPINION After …

  • PSI Audio A 17-M

    PSI Audio A 17-M - " Hard to beat"


    Choosing speakers is first listen. Listening PSI A17 is surprising share thrust transparency of these monitors, listening abounds with details and dynamics is not packed. And without that, too often, this is achieved by artifices (tweeter a little ah…

  • Palmer Monicon

    Palmer Monicon - iansorcerer's review


    I use it for 3 months. This is my first controller monitoring. Ultra simple, single button, a mute button and a large knob. Well built and well finished (quite heavy), and a pair of monitor. No power supply, one branch and it works. Transparent box i…

  • Focal Alpha 65

    Focal Alpha 65 - "Congratulations and thanks for Focal price / quality ratio."


    Above all I want to say that I just unpack pregnant after completely redo all my home studio A to Z, there are currently no furniture in the room is square outside the office so acoustics room is not great at the moment. What characteristics have …

  • ADAM A5X

    ADAM A5X - " Balanced and effective"


    I was seduced by the idea of ​​the ribbon tweeter, and the vents in the front, because I already knew that I might find myself working in a very small room. I use it in monitoring, for models and even for discs intended for marketing. They are ac…

  • Tannoy Reveal 802

    Tannoy Reveal 802 - " Tannoy Reveal 802 reviews: Yes!"


    Hi, I wanted to give my opinion on these Tannoy 802. First, because buying a pair of monitor in France, it's just amazing. Unable to store and listen to comparative tests. The best were Musikia on Paris, where I wished there six months listen…

  • The t.amp S-75 mk2

    The t.amp S-75 mk2 - " Good amp for really cheap."


    I just got it yesterday afternoon and tried to install presto Today I can not tell you a few words in relation to review of the previous version, especially on the low distortion level. I use it in "Home Studio" on speakers for sound control, …

  • Yamaha HS5

    Yamaha HS5 - " Very satisfied!"


    I look for a monitor speaker that does not tire the ears with his clear, precise and not too muddy bass bothers to do a balance that would develop and mastering are a potential low volume! SOUNDS clear stereo for my taste with "kick" for example …