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Amps & Monitors user reviews

  • JBL 4310

    JBL 4310 - " Exc !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


    excellent on my Mac 275 a marvel listening very analytical. SOUNDS neutral and linear. OVERALL OPINION excellent !!!!! …

  • PreSonus Eris E5

    PreSonus Eris E5 - " Very clear and dynamic, perfect"


    Active monitors 5.25 "Kevlar + 1" tweeter Class AB amplification: 70 Watt Bass port forward EQ: +/- 6 dB medium - high frequency: +/- 6 dB Low-cut filter: 80 Hz - 100 Hz Settings "acoustic space": 0, -2, -4 dB Frequency response: 53 Hz - …

  • Event Electronics Opal

    Event Electronics Opal - " Excellence ...."


    To follow my Prism Orpheus and make my audio chain something coherent, I had quality speakers. So I opted for Opal (after a few months of savings) Domestic use: composition & audio mixing at home. I followed (perhaps foolishly?) The advice of som…

  • Alesis RA-100

    Alesis RA-100 - " nice but ..."


    I use it for 1 year, I was on powered speakers, so we can say that this is my first real amp, but I've tried the A100, of Crest, Amcron, if I work with Nexo , L acoustics, D & B, so not really the same category. For the price this is a great invest…

  • Genelec M030

    Genelec M030 - " Stoked"


    size for a home studio in a room in bed. Used to music at my wedding:-) I was afraid of running out of power and bass, but not this has been very well ... it was put to music and not to a rave background;) just a macbook air with Mixx self and Ge…

  • Equator Audio Research D8

    Equator Audio Research D8 - "What You Get Is What You Ear"


    What motivated the purchase of D8 is mainly the fact that it is of coaxial speakers and their frequency response is extended. Some people talk on the net (gearslutz, SOS, ...) and what emerges most often is their neutrality extreme price: € 766 pair …

  • Prodipe Pro 8

    Prodipe Pro 8 - " Excellent price /"


    Purchased for monitoring in my home studio. I chose the Prodipe Pro 8: - First of all for the very positive reviews on the internet so Audio fanzine. - After advice for fellow musicians. I listen and compared to other monitors in the same price…

  • Klein & Hummel 098

    Klein & Hummel 098 - " unbeatable at this price"


    It is by listening to someone else as they appeared to me as obvious: it's the sound I'm looking for (in this price range). I use it to mix in the not specially treated environnnement, connected directly to my ULN8. They are equipped with a system …

  • Sonodyne SM 100AK

    Sonodyne SM 100AK - " Catastrophic"


    Choice motivated by the excellent feedback everywhere (gearslutz, etc). SOUNDS The horror ... From the distortion of the signal, cutting the decay of piano, reverb tails, etc. ... OVERALL OPINION Bye Bye. At that price it's just insane. And t…

  • Divatech DIVA18

    Divatech DIVA18 - " Comfort and precision"


    I just looked down and opinions here me to have also found down here used. For a slightly more hi-fi but still specific monitoring. Connected to a Harman Kardon Amp. To listen to mixes when it's over. SOUNDS The curve is fairly neutral but …