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Amps & Monitors user reviews

  • Yamaha HS50M

    Yamaha HS50M - " Walked all that the!"


    the size / power ratio live in the studio SOUNDS a highly regarded sound but for comfort the HS10W is strongly recommended OVERALL OPINION whether in the studio, these dirty little terraces and small monitor is a very pleasant sound. In a…

  • KRK RP6 G3

    KRK RP6 G3 - " Sound of a digital piano"


    I chose these speakers for the quality of its neutral and also the event at the front. They are not too big for a small room. SOUNDS The frequency is adjustable for well above the bottom and the sound is clear with listening comfort. The st…

  • Yamaha NS-1000M

    Yamaha NS-1000M - " Jazz Reference Studio 80 '"


    3-way passive Frequency Response: 40Hz to 20kHz Power: 100W Impedance: 8Ω Bass: 30 cm cone Midrange: 88mm dome Beryllium Tweeter: 30mm dome Dimensions: 710 x 395 x 369mm Weight: 39kg per unit SOUNDS - Very neutral, yes, very cle…

  • JBL MSC1 Monitor System Controller

    JBL MSC1 Monitor System Controller - parker13's review


    2 months ago this beautiful baby was integrated in my home studio. The installation is not that easy. I struggled a bit ... Then after some trouble, I managed to start the analysis with the supplied microphone ... I saw ... Corrections are automa…

  • Prodipe Pro 5

    Prodipe Pro 5 - savate27's review


    Price SOUNDS Its unclear and very flat. Inefficient correction. Low power. OVERALL OPINION Value low price. Price and low quality. One of amplified speakers broke down after a week of use. I opened her up to see where the failure orig…

  • Focal CMS 40

    Focal CMS 40 - Massimino's review


    The Focal foremost is one of the best brand in this field. size monitors: In home studio is perfect The cabinet design Home studio. Monitoring for mixing: main use. Connected to a UCX RME interface but I put out a D / A converter gender Myt…

  • Mackie HR824

    Mackie HR824 - " very telling"


    amplification synth motif es SOUNDS I'm not any specialist in this matter so that my ears are wearing a judgment monitors clear, accurate, providing a good quality hearing! OVERALL OPINION use for 1 month, I had a pair of prodipe pro_5 with s…

  • Yamaha HS80M

    Yamaha HS80M - " Good monitor"


    I appreciate this monitor for precision tweeter. I turned ver product for the price / quality ratio. I use it for mixing, coupled with a 01V96VCM. SOUNDS There is a hollow in the high-mids and a bump in the treble. The overall sound is clear and …

  • Behringer Truth B2031A

    Behringer Truth B2031A - " Satisfactory"


    I do not have too many claims with respect to monitors. I am among those who think it enough to get used to listen to good mixes with the same pair of monitors are used to mix, to "learn" the right mix parameters, and it works pretty well. SOUNDS …

  • Pmc TB2S-AII

    Pmc TB2S-AII - " Very upscale! Magnificent"


    - Report and finesse size / power / severe The opportunity allows us to reach these high end speakers and live a great experience. - Listen music cloud XLR output converter I do not mix but I was looking for a neutral audiophile quality listen…