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  • Learn From Other Mixes

    Learn From Other Mixes - How to Analyze a Mix


    Just like painting, photography and, obviously, music — mixing is an art in itself. And, as such, it also requires some training.

  • Ashdown Pibass -240 and Mi 12 Speaker Review

    Ashdown Pibass -240 and Mi 12 Speaker Review - π = 240 Watts


    Ashdown Engineering's PiBass head is the signature model of Polish bass legend Wojtek Pilichowski. I tested it along with the Mi12, a cabinet featuring a 12" speaker. The two products combine to make a 240-watt stack that costs under $900, and has a total weight of under 42 lbs, so it's not hard to see why Audiofanzine pushed me to do this review.

  • Long-Distance Collaboration

    Long-Distance Collaboration - Work Together Remotely via DAW File Sharing


    Sharing tracks over the Internet makes it possible for musicians to work together remotely, whether they're around the corner from each other or around the world.

  • Yamaha MOXF6 Review

    Yamaha MOXF6 Review - Changing of the Guard


    Incorporating most of the sound engine of the Motif XF, the MOXF aims to redefine the standard of mid-range workstations. A sound change?

  • Palmer Kaputt Review

    Palmer Kaputt Review - Kaputt


    With our recent review of the Mutterstolz tube distortion in mind, the Audiofanzine editorial board decided to review some of the other models from Palmer's Root Effects collection. We've already posted our review of Automat, and here we'll focus on Kaputt.

  • Mastering at Home - Part 3

    Mastering at Home - Part 3 - A Great Workflow for Mastering Music at Home


    In this third part of our Home Mastering series, we will write about the process to follow in order to make the right decisions at the right time.

  • Mastering at Home - Part 2

    Mastering at Home - Part 2 - Prepare for Your Mastering Session


    In this installment, we'll offer some tips that will simplify your life when mastering.

  • Zoom iQ5 Review

    Zoom iQ5 Review - iPhone with a Higher iQ


    In addition to its H1, H2, H4, and H6 recorders, Zoom has created a microphone compatible with Lightning-equipped iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad models.

  • Comparing Two Approaches to Drum-Track Creation

    Comparing Two Approaches to Drum-Track Creation - MIDI Drums vs. Audio Drum Loops


    If you’re not a drummer, but you need drum tracks for your productions — and assuming you don’t have the budget and facilities to hire and record a real drummer — you’re going to need to use either MIDI drums or audio drum loops to create your drum parts. Having used both extensively, I thought it would be helpful to present some of the pros and c…

  • AudioTouch C-Buss Review

    AudioTouch C-Buss Review - The Analog/Virtual Symbiosis


    In terms of hardware compressors, the latest products are too often expressions of the same theme, variations on a mythical device that has already proved its worth. Fortunately though, on rare occasions, a nice surprise arrives at your door. This is especially true in regard to today's topic since, for once, the innovation was right next door...