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Behringer news

  • Behringer Nox Series Shipping

    Behringer Nox Series Shipping

    09/11/11 in Behringer NOX1010

    Behringer announces that their new Nox Series DJ mixers are now shipping, and will soon be available with the company’s authorized retail partners worldwide.

  • Behringer Sweepstakes

    Behringer Sweepstakes

    06/30/11 in Behringer Xenyx 1202FX

    Behringer gives you a chance to win several of its products.

  • Behringer Sweepstakes

    Behringer Sweepstakes

    05/20/11 in Behringer

    Behringer is organizing a sweepstakes on Facebook - the four winners will grab new equipment.

  • Peavey-Behringer Legal Battle

    Peavey-Behringer Legal Battle

    04/30/11 in Peavey

    Peavey has initiated multiple legal actions against Behringer for various intellectual property issues, including patent infringement, false marking, trademark infringement and unfair competition.

  • Behringer DJX900USB

    Behringer DJX900USB

    04/20/11 in Behringer DJX900USB

    The DJX900USB is a 5-Channel DJ Mixer with VCA Crossfader, Digital Effects and USB/Audio Interface.

  • [NAMM] Behringer C50A & C5A

    [NAMM] Behringer C50A & C5A

    01/21/11 in Behringer Behritone C50A

    Behringer has unveiled two new active 30-watt reference studio monitors at the NAMM show.

  • [NAMM] Behringer FBQ1000 & FBQ100

    [NAMM] Behringer FBQ1000 & FBQ100

    01/21/11 in Behringer Feedback Destroyer FBQ1000

    Behringer has presented two "feedback destroyers", the FBQ1000 & FBQ100.

  • [NAMM] Behringer DX2000USB & DJX900USB Pro Mixers

    [NAMM] Behringer DX2000USB & DJX900USB Pro Mixers

    01/21/11 in Behringer DX2000USB

    Behringer has unveiled new DJ mixers at Winter NAMM 2011.

  • [NAMM] Behringer Eurolive F1320D

    [NAMM] Behringer Eurolive F1320D

    01/19/11 in Behringer Eurolive F1320D

    Behringer's Eurolive F1320D is an active 300-Watt 2-way monitor speaker system with 12" woofer, 1" compression driver and feedback filter.

  • [NAMM] New Behringer Power Amps

    [NAMM] New Behringer Power Amps

    01/19/11 in Behringer iNuke NU6000DSP

    Behringer's iNuke NU6000DSP is a 6000-Watt Power Amplifier with DSP Control and USB Interface.