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Digital Multrack-studios user reviews

  • Yamaha AW16G

    Yamaha AW16G - Anonyme's review


    Too bad no USB or nothing to say. UTILIZATION With time the manipulation is quite simple and logical. SOUNDS Perfect OVERALL OPINION Very nice machine, complete, robust, great price / quality ratio. …

  • Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder

    Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder - Anonyme's review


    - 8x (4 mono + 2 stereo tracks) = 64 tracks - A track stro more for the box speed Fully programmable. - 2 multi-effects voice / guitar / mastering - 1 Stereo Line, direct from a guitar / bass, 2 mic, 2 mics Intgr. - Line out and headphone, RA…

  • Fostex MR-16 HD

    Fostex MR-16 HD - vibes's review


    Plutt cool machine for tight budget UTILIZATION I had already Live7 with good audio interface hardware but I needed to save. The mr16HD I'm really happy, easy to learn, manufacturing quality OK but not too much size for the road. Faders / butt…

  • Ensoniq PARIS

    Ensoniq PARIS - Docteur Frog's review


    It is completely useless projects and ENSONIQ has paid the price with PARIS PARIS puisle PRO. Conceptually interesting, the PARIS arrived in 1996 and 1998 (Pro) with a basic idea: A Akai DR16 combined with super effects processor with an Audio Sequen…

  • Roland VS-1680 V-Xpanded

    Roland VS-1680 V-Xpanded - Oliviercool's review


    These are the new features offered by the OS of the Roland VS-1680 from version 2.0 and suprieur. From that version number, the OS is called Roland VS-1680 V-Xpanded. Main new features: <ul> Possibility of mixing (or bounce) the 16 tracks on tw…

  • Zoom HD8

    Zoom HD8 - Anonyme's review


    See the Zoom website. While mtal! Exemplary finish and look trs pro! UTILIZATION I knew the 802 cd mrs. I shut trs happy. for use in the same sense. Pretty simple really. but it takes a little time. manual rather important. Retauration the CD a…

  • Korg D16

    Korg D16 - kossilate's review


    Hello I buy a Korg 16, but I have trouble finding an external drive scsi 25 pin walking with because in my opinion is depasser.surtout in Holland is not a evidant.avez you consielles give me, or there is there other solutions? everything I found …

  • Roland VS-2000 CD

    Roland VS-2000 CD - la.boulanderie's review


    It can record 8 tracks at the same time. Connect eight microphones with phantom power can be taken so perfect for battery. It has 18 tracks including 2 Stereo. It was a card effect and 2 intgres supplmentaires possible. More VGA Screen option p…

  • Zoom HD16

    Zoom HD16 - scorpion53's review


    I'm looking for a power supply for my studio Zoom HD16 I lost could you help me please? thank you and cordially José Crapanzano UTILIZATION Yes SOUNDS Yes OVERALL OPINION 3 months J have tried other models best value …

  • Fostex MR-8 HD

    Fostex MR-8 HD - fabemol's review


    J have kept mine 6 weeks, I have been deu find no correction of tonality, the more I realized (after 6 weeks, it's true) that we caught with microphones as the sound rotation of the hard drive, and that it s al recording means. So I think n is not ve…