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Skeuv 04/05/2005

Yamaha AW4416 : Skeuv's user review


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Superb machine, I discovered, and the crowd to take in hand, recorded a pattern of g on 8pistes mc505, just to see, and ho surprise, incredibly easy for basic functions: Plug the input, the recorder input assignment, volume, eq, effects, everything is tranquilo if we follow the user manual (which is quite well done, maybe just a little in details)
synchronization to an external source is very simple, and it does not bug g of the essay triggered from the mc505, a computer, an interface motu, every time, no prob! (C rare enough to point out!)
at the analog outputs 6, c still a bit tight for my taste, but if you have a card adat, and the means to convert analog to digital track, lapuissance fire becomes immediately correct! ( there is also the analog output card, which offers 8sorties supp)
a small snag, the price of optional boards that is still quite delirant!


In less than an hour, I was trying automation, the, basic operation, but sufficient and very effective, simply to understand the logic of the beast, with a little savvy, you can not even fix to take the lead ...


Its level, it is very satisfactory, I would say it has virtually the same quality sound with ProTools (Digi001)
the vocal track is very good spring, and at the overall sound, no complaints, the quality is! was almost the same dynamic as that by reading aa recording
a pair of listening properly and can be an excellent mix without knowing more than that the bike
Eq and effects are easily affordable. Personally, I like the effects (especially delay and flanger) compressors are honest, limiters do their jobs ....


I use it for 1 year and a half and I have never had a bug (which is not the cs with ProTools, Cubase and consortium)
the only thing that fishing, c edition of the tracks, the better to forget or else must have the time to stock (with much patience you get there, but we must constantly tweak)
I think it has a very good machine that should be used for the final stage of the piece, c ad only recording and mixing, if you want to do the songs on the bike, c feasible but very very long ....
So, that is a good machine to keep the campaign for the holidays, we are not bored on rainy days!
in my opinion it will become a collector, do not sell!
in overall score, I'll put a 9 (a ten would be too did see that it is not entirely perfect ..)
in fact it's another way to work from the software, and it's not necessarily unpleasant ...