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Casio Digital Pianos user reviews

  • Casio CDP-100

    Casio CDP-100 - " A good tit 'piano to start or dpanner! ..."


    - 88 keys - Heavy Touch - 5 sounds - Reverb / chorus - In / Out MIDI, a headphone jack, sustain pedals. Too bad there is not a true line out !!!... A strong argument ... weight! 11 kg under the arm! :-) UTILIZATION Heavy touch, but …

  • Casio PX-130

    Casio PX-130 - " I love it!"


    How many octaves? 88 Keys What connection (Audio, MIDI, pedals ...)? ... 2 headphone jacks (small jack) 1 USB port 1 sustain pedals included An external power supply included How many sounds effects available? Are ditables? 16 so…

  • Casio CDP-200R

    Casio CDP-200R - " Very good for beginners and more" has images


    7 Octaves (we just go virtually shifting up to 9 notes via a function but the manipulation takes a few seconds, hard to do in the middle of a song). There are 670 different sounds (including 16 drum set). As I've seen elsewhere about the keyboard i…

  • Casio CDP-200R

    Casio CDP-200R - Deloras's review


    -How many octaves? The piano has 88 keys touch heavy, with a maximum polyphony of 48 keys, varying tones used. "How many sounds, effects available? Are they edited? 670 sounds covering a comprehensive range. The sounds are superimposed and the …

  • Casio PX-130
  • Casio MA-120

    Casio MA-120 - " Casio for little fingers"


    Casio Keyboard MA-120 ToneBank 8-note polyphony maximum VTR functions with auto-accompaniment "Casio Chord" automatically adding agreements and bass playing the 100 rhythm patterns of the "Bank of rhythms. UTILIZATION The 49 keys are very small…

  • Casio AP-45

    Casio AP-45 - casioap45's review


    hello all who read and respond to this message! I would like some opinions of what had already used a piano casio ap 45! I started in the piano and I wanted to have ecchos because I really want to buy me! in doing research I have seen ke price was …

  • Casio PX-120

    Casio PX-120 - " Very good digital piano" has images


    Mechanics and texture of the keys is a very good quality, heavy keyboard more than semi approaching really a piano. 2 times the HP 8W stereo delivers sound very nice, a real piano study with rhythms, sounds and accompaniment. A very good digital p…

  • Casio PX-320

    Casio PX-320 - sophie19130's review


    7 octaves very easy to use audio input and output UTILIZATION Very nice touch and precise very simple configuration piano light enough to move with SOUNDS Sounds very realistic Effective effects a really good piano OVERALL OPINI…

  • Casio CDP-200R

    Casio CDP-200R - emmanuel9136's review


    - 88-note digital piano - 670 tones - 200 rhythms 15 digital effects I bought this piano in November 2008 and I am very happy I would not put too much, and have a good piano. the touch is excellent (better than my old roland RD300) UTILI…