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  • Yamaha DGX-650

    Yamaha DGX-650 - "I played on the Yamaha DGX-650"


    I`ve played on a Yamaha DGX-650 in a music store a while back. I pressed the buttons for for the different instrumental sounds on it. They are a nice portable digital piano to take along. It has lots of instrumental sounds on it. The only thing about…

  • Roland RD-800

    Roland RD-800 - "I`ve played on a Roland RD-800 at a music store a while back. "


    I`ve played on a Roland RD-800 in a music store a while back, it has 1113 instrumental sounds on it. The only thing that`s tricky about it. is when you have the cathedral organ or the Grand Pipes, then you go and select another instrumental sound on …

  • Yamaha P-85

    Yamaha P-85 - "If you want a high-quality low-budget piano..."


    ... this is your instrument. The Yamaha P-85 has one of the best piano sounds that I ever heard. Other sounds are very good too, but the acoustic piano deserves to be highlighted. The P-85 can be used by all kinds of pianists, from beginners to profe…

  • Kurzweil SP76

    Kurzweil SP76 - "Piano for everyone"


    This is what I call a "piano for everyone". Although it's not a "piano" in the sense of an 88-key hammer-action instrument (like its bigger brother SP88X), it still has that piano-y feeling. The sound, although considered outdated today (just to ment…

  • Yamaha Clavinova CLP-585

    Yamaha Clavinova CLP-585 - "Very beautiful instrument !!!"


    Has two grand piano : yamaha cfx and boesendorfer impérial.Very realistic sound for these pianos. what else for this instrument ? lot of functionalities and other possibilities to use it. In my opinion , no cons except for the drum party : no intro…

  • Yamaha CP300

    Yamaha CP300 - "I like the Yamaha CP-300"


    There are 7 octaves on the Yamaha CP-300. There are Midi Connections In, Out, Through, Phones, Input,(L Mono,R) Output(L/R) Assignable Foot Pedal (Sustain/Sostenuto/Soft/Aux) USB to Host, AC Inlet. There are 530 instrumental sounds including XG …

  • Korg SV-1 73

    Korg SV-1 73 - "Expressive, compact and resourceful."


    It's a full sized piano, with piano keys and all the bells and whistles in terms of connections, XLR or line outputs, midi in and out, sustain pedal, etc. Korg aimed this product at the professional piano player who needs various timbres at her dispo…

  • Technics SX-PR305/K

    Technics SX-PR305/K - "I love the Technics PR-305 Digital Piano"


    There are 7 octaves and has 3 pedals. Key: 88 keys. Key cover: Sliding plastic, simulated woodgrain. Touch sense: yes. Polyphony: 32 notes. Sounds: 180 instrumental sounds. 84 rhythm patterns. 21 demo songs on it. Pedal:3 (room, stage, hall …

  • Korg SP-250

    Korg SP-250 - "A nice practice digital piano with some fun features. "


    The SP-250 is an 88 note, weighted key digital piano with its own built in speakers and plastic music stand attachment. The keyboard is of plastic construction, with rubber buttons and a metal stand to hold it up. The keybed itself is Korg's "RH3" wh…

  • Korg SP-250

    Korg SP-250 - "Excellent choice for an student"


    I bought my SP250 when I first started studying piano back in 2008. As a student of orchestral conduction, I was looking for an instrument that could help me as a tool. I looked into cheaper options (such as Privia, some Yamaha, some other Korg model…