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  • Kurzweil SP4-7

    Kurzweil SP4-7 - "Simple and affordable"


    The Kurzweil SP4-7 has semi weighted keys with 128 different presets. It is a rather easy board to understand and use as well, most of the effects are pretty basic and there are none that will really “wow” you. The feel of the keys on the SP4-7 are …

  • Roland V-Piano

    Roland V-Piano - "Feels real"


    A local songwriter that I know uses the Roland V Piano a lot, I have used it maybe 3 or 4 times while with him and the feel of it is so satisfying. Anyone who knows how to play piano knows that working on a digital piano will not feel as good. But wi…

  • Casio PX-3

    Casio PX-3 - "Light weight"


    The Casio Privia PX 3 has 64 effects as well as MIDI in and out all in an 88 key digital piano. The Privia PX 3 is very affordable coming in cheaper than most all of “useable” digital pianos. The best feature of the Privia PX 3 is the fact that it on…

  • Yamaha CP300

    Yamaha CP300 - "CP 300 vs the P 155"


    The Yamaha CP300 is an 88 key digital piano with 50 plus different instrument sounds, with two on board speakers. It has everything you need to go perform with or just play in the comfort of your own home with. When you play the CP 300 you will have …

  • Kawai MP6

    Kawai MP6 - "Very good sounds and keys but the price.."


    I have used the Kawai MP 6 many times, it is an 88 key digital piano loaded with 256 sounds. One thing I will say about it is, if you are looking for a stage piano or a good piano for your home then this might not be for you. They really didn’t put m…

  • Yamaha P-155

    Yamaha P-155 - "Looks great in my living room"


    The Yamaha P 155 can either be purchased in black or in ebony. I have the used the black one for a year now and I love it! It is an 88 key with 17 voices and 11 effects. The keyboard is an 88 key , but it still doesn’t feel like an 88 key. It is ligh…

  • Roland FP-8

    Roland FP-8 - "Very nice"


    *88 weighted keys *Sounds: 5 piano styles/3 electric piano styles/4 Mallet styles/4 String styles *In terms of FX it has Chorus and a reverb, which aren't really modifiable. *connections: 2 x mono out(L/R) on 1/4" jacks 2 x mono in (L/R) on 1/4"…

  • Casio CDP-100

    Casio CDP-100 - "Best deal for a digital piano"


    The Casio CDP-100 is a full-sized, hammer-action, weighted 88-key digital piano. It also features 32-note polyphony, 5 different sounds (including strings and electric piano), midi input and output, demo songs, headphone jack, sustain jack, and much …

  • Yamaha P-95

    Yamaha P-95 - "close to the real thing"


    On of the biggest issues that I thought I would face when getting the Yamaha P-95 was the fact that it would feel like a real piano. Now im not professional piano player but I do know how to play a little bit and have been getting lessons for a while…

  • Yamaha P-90

    Yamaha P-90 - "Very nice"


    81 key...Midi in and out...Footswitch compatable and pedal compatable too... There are not many sounds but that's the idea...This is a piano, no a synth...It's built well and feels like the real thing down to the proper weighted keys... UTILIZATI…