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  • Technics SX-PR53

    Technics SX-PR53 - "I love it!"


    88-key piano with a very nice keyboard (I am originally a piano player). Comprehensive connections for an easy setup (midi, stereo output jacks, 2 headphone outs on the front panel for more comfort and built-in amplification/speakers). Plenty of soun…

  • Casio CDP-100

    Casio CDP-100 - "Lightweight and Finger Friendly"


    This keyboard has the full range of Octaves being that it has 88 keys. Unfortunately the only output on this keyboard is the headphone jack (and the speakers of course). This is a small irritant for me as I only use this keyboard for practice. It …

  • Korg SP-170

    Korg SP-170 - "Just a home piano."


    The Korg SP 170 is a rather striking entry level digital piano, in that it has no buttons on it! It looks like an instrument instead of a machine. Visually, the SP 170 is a thing to behold, and the way the chassis itself feels screams quality when co…

  • Yamaha P-95

    Yamaha P-95 - "A home piano. Nothing less. Nothing more."


    The P95 is a fine digital piano; it may not be as entirely full-featured as its peers, the Casio Privia PX-330 and the Korg SP250, but I believe its piano sound does indeed surpass either of the other two's. Unfortunately for the poor P95, Yamaha has…

  • Yamaha P-155

    Yamaha P-155 - Kierkes's review


    The Yamaha P-155 was the piano I wanted. I spent so much time in a local music store banging away on this piano in awe, especially since it didn't cost so terribly much. I couldn't afford it at the time, so I got a Casio Privia PX-330. (See my review…

  • Casio PX-130

    Casio PX-130 - "The best way to get into 88-key digitals"


    This generation of Casio digital pianos has made me a huge proponent of them, over even the popularly preferred Yamaha pianos and certainly over the Korgs. I own the PX-330, but when in Thailand, with nothing to do but shop for pianos, I kept on grav…

  • Casio PX-330

    Casio PX-330 - "A piano that has served me well."


    The Privia PX-330 is quite a gem among the sea of relatively inexpensive pianos. It competes directly with the Korg SP250, which it completely outshines in essentially EVERY regard, save for the Korg's marginal superiority with its electric piano sou…

  • Yamaha Clavinova CLP-130

    Yamaha Clavinova CLP-130 - "Good mid-range CLP"


    The features can be read in previous reviews. UTILIZATION The keyboard was quite all right at the time it came out and compared to competitor products. The ones on the most high-end CLP back then (the CLP 170), which was much more sophisticated, wa…

  • Thomann SP-5500

    Thomann SP-5500 - "Very good piano"


    I won't go into the details of the features, which have been mentioned in previous reviews. It think it's pretty heavy (30+ lbs). And the sustain pedal is included. USE I bought it because I was looking for a piano with a good keyboard. I was…

  • Roland RD-700

    Roland RD-700 - "Excellent keyboard, sturdy, well-balanced and credible sounds"


    USE The keyboard is one of the RD 700's strengths. It features true hammer action (which was something pretty new for stage keyboards back then) and it's sturdy (having used it for years, I have never had a mechanical problem and the response of t…