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  • Yamaha P-80

    Yamaha P-80 - "a fine choice"


    The Yamaha P80 is a full size electric piano with 88 weighted keys. It is easy enough to transport if you wanted to, and is big enough to provide you with the full flavor of a real piano without actually having one. It’s got all sorts of different so…

  • Kurzweil SP88

    Kurzweil SP88 - "great feel and sound"


    The Kurzweil SP 88 is a quality instrument. It has various piano sounds and the other limited choice of basic sounds like organs, harpsichord, strings etc. The sounds can be edited and saved. The instrument is multi-timbrel. If memory serves me corre…

  • Roland EP-85

    Roland EP-85 - "Very good feel, almost like a piano"


    7 octaves, internal sounds dating from 1997, so it makes little sense to talk about them in 2012 MIDI in out thru, inputs for optional sustain and mute pedals UTILIZATION The keyboard of the piano is very interesting, because it's light: There's n…

  • Roland RD-100

    Roland RD-100 - "take it home"


    Roland does it again with the RD-100, this board has amazing sounds. All of the Roland boards have a very warm sound, plus this keyboard is very affordable. The after touch is great and the keys feel like a real grand piano. I have used this keyboard…

  • Casio PX-130

    Casio PX-130 - "Exceptional Feel for Low price"


    This keyboard has the full 88 keybed. The only connections on this unit are 1/4" headphone outputs, USB and a sustain jack. One big complaint by people is that it does not have a dedicated Line output. It does however have built in speakers. The …

  • Clavia Nord Electro 3 61

    Clavia Nord Electro 3 61 - "Probably the best portable instrument for the traveling musician."


    This keyboard has the traditional "Synth" style keys (not hammered or waterfall). Funny enough, this was the one thing I really did not like about this guy. It has several reproductions of vintage keyboard instruments including Rhodes, Whurlizter,…

  • Roland FP-8

    Roland FP-8 - "They don't make them like this anymore"


    Other people have reviewed this in detail already, so there's no need for me to go into it. UTILIZATION And yes, it's my nicest piano, being an organist, I broke my piggy bank when I was 13 to buy it. And I don't regret my decision. SOUNDS It is …

  • Korg C-5000

    Korg C-5000 - "affordable keys"


    I've been using the Korg C 5000 for about ten years and it was one of the first keyboards that I ever used. Because of its extremely small size and mini keys, it is great for kids to play and learn on. While it is somewhat limited in its variety of …

  • Yamaha P-120

    Yamaha P-120 - "Great digital piano!"


    Regular piano sounds, plus some "additional" sounds (guitar, bass, etc.) There are 14 sounds in total, each with 2 variations. You can split and layer the sounds. It can be connected via MIDI. For audio it has TRS, headphone and RCA outputs. In sh…

  • Yamaha P-120

    Yamaha P-120 - "Very good digital piano"


    This portable digital piano is a very good instrument, comprehensive, versatile and rather compact. Each sound has variations, you can split the keyboard, the effects are simple but effective enough. UTILIZATION An 88-key Yamaha piano is no surpris…