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  • Roland EP-85

    Roland EP-85 - rore's review


    88-key half-weighted keyboard 8 sounds (with the possibility to combine two at a time and adjust their respective volumes) Polyphony: 28 voices 2 effects: Chorus and Reverb Possibility to record (1000 notes) 11 arrangement programs Metronome …

  • Casio PS-20

    Casio PS-20 - "Casio PS20 Digital Piano"


    $699 from eMusicGear, including free shipping and free Casio CS45 piano stand. The price is great. Sound is nice. Good for practice without disturbing others. It is also easily prot…

  • Korg SP-200

    Korg SP-200 - "Korg SP-200"


    Bought used as a rental return in Vancouver, Canada. The Korg SP-200 has all the essential features of a quality digital stage piano, and is ideal for piano students who'd like to try some other sounds. Gigging musicians will find it a pleasure to p…

  • Korg SP-200

    Korg SP-200 - "Korg SP200"


    i bought this from bombay, india and paid 45,000 INR. the simplicity of the key board, the weighted keys, and the compactness. like a mobile grand piano. there is no midi thru and usb outputs and more over, some samples are sounding out of tonal qu…

  • Roland RD-700

    Roland RD-700 - "Roland RD 700"


    Guitar Center. About $1900.00 over a year ago. It is the closet keyboard to a piano thus far in the evolution of the things. It is the first and only as far as I know which can be used to practice on much like a real piano. The action is the best…

  • Casio PS-20

    Casio PS-20 - "Casio PS20 Digital Piano"


    I paid ~ 699.00 from Musician's Buy. Shipping was included. For a gigging/teaching/recording pianist, nothing comes close to the "feel" of the Casio PS20. It's by far the best action of any digital piano up to $1500. And, yes, I've played them al…

  • Roland RD-700

    Roland RD-700 - "Roland RD 700"


    For my 50th birthday my wife surprised me with a Roland RD 700. I had been looking at all of the various electric stage pianos and thought this one looked pretty interesting as it seemed to deliver everything I wanted at the best price. Thus,…

  • Korg SP-100

    Korg SP-100 - "Korg SP-100"


    I purchased this unit from Mars Music for $799. I needed an affordable keyboard with good piano sound and a real piano feel. It came with a stand and shipping was free. The weighted action is very realistic and the piano sound is good, a big step …

  • Kurzweil SP76

    Kurzweil SP76 - "Kurzweil SP76"


    $495 Washington DC The sound and feel is fantastic. The semi-weighted keys give just enough bounce for piano playing, but are not too stubborn for organ riffs. The strings are pretty sorry, but I use a different keyboard for this so who cares? If…

  • Kurzweil PC88MX

    Kurzweil PC88MX - "Kurzweil PC88MX"


    I recently purchased the Kurzweil PC88mx from an American Music Supply catalog. I have had experience playing this particular keyboard and fell in love with it, the only problem was that I couldn't find a store that carried them. I soon learned tha…