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Laurent11 07/17/2010

Roland JUNO-D : Laurent11's user review

«  Exactly what I needed. »

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I am basically an acoustic piano having back problems, and seeking a synth to play him in the horse repeatedly. The criterion "weight" is more important than the criterion "hacking sound. I am not a professional but an amateur who plays frequently for the past 15 years. My record is essentially jazz, with frequent forays into funk.
In short, I am not at all a "keyboard player" in the sense that his work (edit, import, midi, etc ...) does not interest me. As long as I sound and rhodes piano okay, I'm happy.
I wanted to say, given the profile of the musician is highly dependent on the opinion he has on his instrument ...


The synth is very light, which is very important for me having my back. It is relatively small (61 keys) and end, which really helps to carry around everywhere.
The configuration is simple and very intuitive, I never opened the manual!
It is wrong also because the opportunities are enormous beast. Any takers of hacking, there's plenty to do!
The sounds are not editable, it seems to me, but for fans, there is a model Juno Di which is a bit more expensive but allows the manipulation '.


As I said in intro, I am basically a jazz pianist, acoustic, playing funky from time to time.
I am very attached to my acoustic piano sound, vibration of the instrument.
Therefore, obviously, it's not on my Juno that I sound Steinway!
And yet, despite the fact that I am demanding nature "sound", I must say I am very pleased with this keyboard.
The sounds of Rhodes and organ are really great, realistic, and we feel that the attack button will vary the sound.
The piano sounds are more than correct, I've played in groups with and it works very well.
The keyboard is quite comfortable, I never thought that a pianist does swearing by the heavy hit as I can be comfortable on it. While the keyboard is soft, but I've played much worse, and you get used quickly, in fact.

Of course the sounds are not as good as the Korg SV1 I tried not too long ago. But the difference in price (1500 euros!) And the weight would be justified only if you have a strong back, budget, total allergy keyboard light, and you really do not want to, but then really do not want play on imitation certainly imperfect but very correct sounds of piano and organ.


This keyboard is really exactly what was needed for me.
As I said before, the opinion on the instrument varies according to the profile of the musician and your desires, so go try it before buying.

But honestly, for a really low price (around 400 euros), a ridiculous weight, sounds really good, as flawless reliability, I do not see what else is there to indulge in beef and be repeated without shit to lug around 20 kilograms of heavy electric piano to the touch.
When I want to go beef, tiny feet the Juno and lightweight are a blessing.

Maybe in the future, I sells it to buy the Di Juno, because apparently I could import sounds of piano and rhodes even more realistic.
But for now, given my budget, time available and the quality of the beast, the Juno D is sufficient to my happiness.