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Our Values, Methodology and Spirit

Why We Write the Best Gear Reviews
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Articles and reviews started flowing again, now that we are back from summer break. Hence, This is the perfect opportunity to tell you more about what we believe in and how we make it happen.

Philippe Raynaud,
Mike Levine,
U.S. Editor
Grégoire Nachbauer,
Chief Editor, France
Arnaud Cueff,
Editorialist, France 

At Audiofanzine, we strive to always write the best reviews in the world.

How do we achieve that?

We tell the truth. Period.

We are a relatively small, independent publisher and we intend to stay independent.

One of our core values is to respect the reader by always telling everything about the products that we review — what’s good and what’s not. We might sometimes sound harsh, but we are deeply convinced that this is the only way to do it right.

And, this is not just some lip service  to make us look good. In fact, since the beginning of Audiofanzine in 2000, we have politely kicked out a few advertisers who wanted to control or censor our editorial line. Yes, there are some magazines and websites who readily accept such compromises. We don’t, and we never will. Thankfully enough, our clients understand and respect our work and honesty.

We only hire specialists

Jack of all trades, master of none?  That is even more true in our niche.

We only work with experts in their particular field (bass, computer music, synths…).

We do not compromise. We do not hire journalists with a broad focus.

We go deep

We like to dig into the features and usages of the product. We usually work with the product that we review for at least two weeks, sometimes a month and in some cases we do even longer term reviews (a product that looks and works fine right now might not after six months!).

Some articles are the equivalent of a ten-page review in a traditional magazine (which is rare to find in paper magazines nowadays). That is what we call making a real review.

We love science and facts

Yes, we are proud geeks! 

We recently acquired an Audio Precision rack to measure everything ourselves with no compromises. This is because we prefer to claim our own measurements rather than rely on the ones published by the manufacturers in the spec sheets. After all, that’s part of our job, right?

Our studio includes:

It runs in our blood

Everybody in the core team is a musician and/or sound engineer and we love to share our passion.

And although a company is a business, what drives us every day is our passion for music and for sharing our knowledge.

We are willing to always do better

We firmly believe we have the best content. That said, we are happy to improve ourselves and to listen to constructive criticism.
So feel free to give us feedback about our reviews, and be tough if necessary — tell us the goods… and the bads

  • Simon_NYC 1 post
    New AFfiliate
    Posted on 03/04/2014 at 09:34:08
    That's a nice explanation, and a sound set of policies to follow. Thanks.
  • Psycom 87 posts
    Honorific member
    Posted on 03/05/2014 at 07:44:22

    Thanks Simon! I thought it would be very important to say our editorial values loud and clear because you can find very variable quality/honesty (on the web and offline) and here you cannot have such surprise or doubt. 





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