PreSonus FireBox
PreSonus FireBox

FireBox, FireWire audio interface from PreSonus.

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All user reviews for the PreSonus FireBox

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Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 58 reviews )
 26 reviews45 %
 14 reviews24 %
 5 reviews9 %
 3 reviews5 %
 9 reviews16 %

philtales's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" rather satisfied"

PreSonus FireBox
I chose him after researching the web to its small size Anisi motivated my purchase some good reviews, but I do not remember very many details, the price probably 150euros.J 'm generally satisfied, I've never had any technical problems except sometimes a few disconnections (especially Avoid touching or even to touch the cable connection Firebox-laptop which is very sensitive). It should also avoid using it with too many electrical devices operating simultaneously in the same room. I plug in synths and guitars, a microphone, regardless of the source in fact.


On my PC I use cubase
I have no latency issues, or other driver, I have made no updates. I write so I only use a single track at a time, but there came in two


I have a little gallery for the instalation but back then I was really a blue cock in this area not a reference. In fact it is especially the instalation and registration that was tedious CUBASE (Cubase was joined with the PRESONUS), the manual was clear but I think you always have a bit of intuition in this kind of manipulation. The problem is that this kind of doc always seems made for engineers or at least knowledgeable technicians which is not always the case for users.


I think 2 years, 3 can be
I've never tried anything else since I've never had any problems
ease of implementation, simplicity. Sync problems with cubase, but rather just the problem of cubase, but nothing redibitoire, all finished pa work out.
very good value / price
I do it again the same choice even if I have a little concern about the compatibility of the firebox with Newest computer, I will inquire about it the day my old Medion laptop I loose.

Tugano's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good products"

PreSonus FireBox
What motivated my choice, it is appropriate to have this new product under warranty at a lower cots .. This card is totally my expectations (ie to compose and record voice instrumentals) ..
Moreover it is well Submitted Aesthetics and is a Prsonus.


The drivers are super stable, I turn on W7 32-bit 4 GB and report no problems ..
Latency is imperceptible (I 8ms) for the nickel compound, and audio recording.


Quick installation, no problem. Prvoir buy a firewire pci card texas instrument to use is optimal.


I use it for over 1 year now. I bought a beautiful 24 D TC electronic Konnect era but I did not know how to operate FireWire cards, I saw myself then return the product against heart .. But now I have no regrets because the FireBox is top ..

I cot is easy to use, compact, the knobs are solid ..
I like the least ... I have not much to say it does everything I ask him, it must be said that my sound card 1, so the back is dlicat ...

Lexprience with this choice I would do, knowing that it no longer marketed MODEL I will discuss the FireStudio Mobile ..

Mighty_Jeff's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Solid, reliable and transparent"

PreSonus FireBox
Small interface, lgre, transportable, and complements.

4 in (2 XLR combo jack in front with 48v power supply, 2 line in jack on the rear)
6 out jack in the rear
Midi in / out and SPDIF in / out via the rear exploded
Headphone volume with front master indpendant

2 firewire 400 port for possibly chain multiple tricks

I use a MacBook Pro 13 "mid-2009.


She begins to have a few years derrire her, and I more often dcrochages.

The firewire interface loses sync for a second, then everything works again as normal.

The pramps not gain either madness ... With a microphone that does not much below the elbow (type B2 for a vote this week dernire VCU) pramp the bottom and it is still far from saturating ... Fortunately, the background noise is far trs, thus pushing the gain APRS has done everything is exploitable.

Do not esprer grain of any color coming from the pramps is a neutral end point, nothing flattering.

Trs correct latency, normal for an interface of this range.


It can not be easier with the macbook: full plug and play. You plug the firewire, it works and appears in the panel config 'gnral the mac and the input / output DIFFERENT software. (I use Ableton Live, Logic Pro and ProTools 9. Simple small compared Reserved ProTools, it works perfectly out, but I can not save. Has does not bother me because I do not m 'to serve as the mix, and my version of Pro Tools HD 9 is not exactly very strong LGAL, m'voyais?)

With my pc before, c'tait almost as simple. Just a quick driver install, which worked perfectly as I remember.


Perfect for my needs, good price, I have for years and not spare me if it slams. And as late as possible!

Reserved because of one small firewire dcrochages from time to time.

greg_dvs's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good quality / price ratio"

PreSonus FireBox
Full details of the sound card available on the manufacturer's website ;-)
Used with a quad-Pc, 4x2.3 GHz, 4 GB RAM
2 FireWire card with Texas Instruments chipsets


I use it for my records homs studio with Cubase 5 (previously with a less powerful PC and Cubase SX3). I get a latency of about 4ms.

To me the drivers are stable, I fished regularly for updates on the manufacturer's website. Some people do not agree with me, maybe some incompatibilities with some hardware.

This is not pro gear, we agree, but I could record personal projects of exceptional quality with the Firebox.


Trouble-free installation.
Personally I had some trouble detection until I change my FireWire card, I was advised to take a Texas Instrument chipset with 2 and indeed, never had any problems.


I have 5 years, I am very happy.
I have not tried other, I wanted a card connected external FireWire and a phantom in order to register with a condenser microphone.
Well maintained, I have never had any problems with the knobs and input / output ... in short yes, I would do this choice, I have what I wanted to record tracks one by one, very correct quality and cheap.
matthico aodyo10/28/2011

matthico aodyo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Presonus Firebox"

PreSonus FireBox
Configuration at the time (2006), the first "dual core".
Instruments, keyboards and guitar to record with Ableton Live.
There was often a crackling sound when recording or listening, probably caused by the configuration PC.
That said, it's a very good material, provided with a set of software and plug-in interesting.
He had been advised at the time by the store where I bought it.
I use it forever!


Possible incompatibility of drivers, since on my setup dell inspiron 9400 with dual core, I often cracking that made some bad recording.
Perhaps this was caused by the firewire?
But it was in 2006, I think there would be no problems now with the new configurations.
Latency was rather limited, no perceptible lag, so pretty interesting.


Quick and easy installation, very intuitive.


Since 2006, he still serves.
I have not tried other models but at the time was already a good product, equipped with two FireWire.
Good value for money, I'm not disappointed, but if it were today I would think more and compare.

Coco_RatelRoad's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Super Interface!"

PreSonus FireBox
My choice was motivated by a positive view of its decision on the one hand, and the possibility of mobile use on the other.
For now, I use Pro Tools on Windows 9 (CM Asus P6T SE, Intel Core 7, 12goRAM, Win7 64bit).
Right now, I basically made guitar and electric violin but I did catch the voice and keyboards without pre-amp: nickel!


No problem with Pro Tools 9, I did not with Cubase SX3.
The number of tracks depends on the computer and not the card ...

Only drawback, especially in the case of mobile use, the firewire connection between the Firebox and the PC is capricious. Sometimes just plug in a USB cable around so that the card "wins"! In general, disconnection and reconnection, here we go again, sometimes you have to reboot ...


I remember a mandatory procedure under Windows XP. with my last installation, I had no problem.

Simple configuration, a software mixer that's it.


I've had at least 5 years.
I also had the PCI Luna II Creamware. I much prefer the Firebox ...

fordajam's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a repeat purchase"

PreSonus FireBox
I want a laptop sound card and not having enconbrante not many inputs and outputs, coupled with a behringer amp all for a microphone and guitar use.


Drivers very stable with Cubase VST and several clicks with no audio 28 tracks seamlessly with very low latency


The installation is done it without problems?

The general configuration is easy?


The manual is clear and sufficient? ...

Not need


How long have you use it?
since its release
Have you tried many other models before buying it?

It's fun because that never had a problem reinstalling XP plussieur same time, I repeat without any concern

planetslide's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Performance but died soon"

PreSonus FireBox
I wanted a single interface to make itself the sound of my electric guitar at a reasonable budget. So: a map with little input but a good recording quality. The Firebox is well within this category.


Drivers who are easy to install, update for vista (initially I was under XP) but apparently according to the forums it goes wrong within 7 (that's not cool).

I use an old Cubase, it works well, the latency down to 3 ms is enough to play without discomfort. Never more than one track at a time in my use.

I connected to the outputs of GFORCE plus a simulation of HP software convolution back and it sounds really good: quality production studio enthusiast without bothering the neighbors.

Sometimes she goes out of sync, it's hassle because according to the program, you sometimes stop and restart.


Quick and efficient, it is configured not too bad (and associated apps are not very bloody but it is doing). The manual has remained in the box, I do not know how it looks?


This card has three faults, one way, a large and very large:

1) breaks sync from time to time (just often enough to annoy)
2) the volume knob that goes to sputter quickly
3) it heats too much, and it is getting worse with time!

My card died after about 5 years: Total overheating ... risk of fire in the office fuck! I tried to repair but its condos slamming one after the other when they are replaced. No time to change all the components one after the other, and anyway I have more confidence (4000 Euro plug stuff into something that is literally smoking, blah ...). In addition, I have a friend who has had the same forums and other such cases.

Conclusion: not very durable as a product! Too bad, this interface showed a good performance / price ratio. I does not sound cards Presonus because they all look like the same stuff. It's time for me to return to the big leagues (RME, but my bank account will feel it).

toctoctoctoc's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Problem with drivers for Windows 7"

PreSonus FireBox
Distrust with this product. I used it since 2007. The stability of the synchronization with the computer sound card has never been the strong point of the Firebox, but since upgrading my computer (I switched from Windows XP to Windows 7), frankly nothing works properly. I searched Forums everywhere looking for a solution. I'm obviously far from alone in experiencing this problem but Presonus does not seem very interested in fixing their product.

My advice: do not buy Presonus!


major driver Windows 7




2007: do not buy!

sampabs's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Easy to use map but ..."

PreSonus FireBox
I chose this card for XLR inputs on the front: one for the microphone with phantom power and a dedicated instrument with separate input control. 1 headphone volume control and a general control. Other input jack 6.35 mm at the back, and separate outputs + MIDI inputs.

I use a Presonus preamp VOICE more and plug guitars (electric or electro) directly into the input 2 dedicated instruments.

The general outputs are connected to amplified speakers Samson Resolv 40a


Originally installed with a PC Laptop / Windows XP, the drivers were stable until I migrated to an iMac / Mac OS X Snow Leopard. I have a problem with firewire 400 on which I connect my firewire card and 800 on which I connect my hard drive working. In fact the map does more interfaces with the computer and the sound skips. The solution: I do not plug into the Firewire 800 when I'm in musical session ...

Latency is correct and quality mic preamps is the (quite neutral and not breathing), enhanced by the addition preamp VOICE course.


No need to install drivers for Mac, maybe it's the true Plug & Play


I use this card since 2004. I also have a 610 Egosys quatafire I find a bit better in terms of mic preamps.

The price / quality ratio was good at the time (around 300 euros). Comes with Cubase LE, it can start without breaking the bank as well.

This map is used in a MJC with teenagers. It has seen all the colors: it is very robust (Alu) and does not "chip" as some USB cards which shall remain nameless ...