PreSonus FireBox
PreSonus FireBox

FireBox, FireWire audio interface from PreSonus.

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All user reviews for the PreSonus FireBox

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Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 58 reviews )
 26 reviews45 %
 14 reviews24 %
 5 reviews9 %
 3 reviews5 %
 9 reviews16 %
Alban Le Goff03/09/2010

Alban Le Goff's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireBox
My first sound card. And for that I owe it a debt of gratitude! I wanted something compact with lots of inputs and outputs to experiment with synths sound effects used in inserts.


Before finding this card solution, I spent hours on the AF forums! My first year of use was laborious!! Then (with time) it stabilizes ... Latency is relatively low: 3ms. The mixer app that comes with the card is pleasant to use, while the control panel is a little less. At a frequency change the control panel indicates the new frequency while the card has still not synchronized with the computer. From time to time we get it right, always at a frequency change to a total loss of connection, the method is a bit barbaric disconnect the PSU and then plug it back.


The installation posed a lot of little problems for me. It was on a laptop Toshiba Satellite M40. Clicks recording and playback, loss of sync, large latency. In hindsight I think the Firewire did not help because the installation itself was quick, card immediately detected.


Four years to be lugging a studio in the studio, from scene to scene, from hotel to hotel. It even underwent an emergency brake in a truck and went through the whole cabin caught by the Firewire cable like a shooting star. In short sturdy! So robust that it is now ...... rinsed!
Two outputs connections, the preamp and knobs are well worn, one of the preamp is tired, but it is now stable level software. The price is good value was the same right to S / PDIF.
With experience I think that's a nice little card to get started with. I now use a PCI card solution with the RME Multiface II and with installation ... can't compare ... and also can't compare ... the SOUND!
Los Teignos03/05/2010

Los Teignos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireBox
I wanted a simple interface for making models only on a PC running XP with Cubase 3. Two preamps sufficed for me from this point of view. At least there, we found it more and more effective.


The drivers are fairly stable: rather I say because I like the cartoon dog and the card, like all FireWire fetched from time to time: Cubase lost it and I had to reboot.

A word on the preamp, which were neither bad nor exceptional: as those found in this price range. Understand that they were relatively quiet but did not have, alas, high headroom. On a static (Behringer B2, then the M-Audio Sputnik tube), it had to push the gain to 3 / 4 to begin to get a good signal ...


Simple installation and interface mixing very clear and nice shape. Not need for the manual for getting it together. As for the bundle, nothing extraordinary: Cubase LE and a handful of basic loops.


If I wrote this review in the past is that the card is dead after one year: Unable to synchronize, as if the party FireWire was dead. In short, I am not happy at all and even if the card fits perfectly to my needs in terms of functionality and ergonomics, I will not make this selection again: no more confidence in PreSonus, and a few in FireWire. I turned to a PCI solution for Echo ...

Udun's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireBox
I wanted a sound card is easy to use for amateur home studio in order to record guitar and synth and dial via VST and south. In terms of connectivity, the two entries with pramplis are more than sufficient for the guitar, RCA outputs for speakers and headphones. The quality is not bad at all.

Config: Quad 6600, 4GB Ram, Windows Vista


Installation is plutt simple: plug into the firewire port, install the drivers. Those provided are for xp, so you have Tlcharger vista compatible drivers on the presonus website.

No incompatibility and easy configuration.

The manual is sufficient.


This is the big problem of this sound card! A Premire view, it is trs INTERESTED but it is totally unstable. The sound cut himself several times a day or no days of APRS. Sometimes no sound input (guitar) ... It must be the power supply or unplug the firewire dconnecter.

Tip: ask on the forums (for example presonus)! TRS many people are experiencing this problem without solutions. Technical support is nonexistent:
- The latest drivers from 2007! They are no longer followed by the technical service rpond Presonus!
- The technical service do not rpond to emails (see forums).

In short, a sound card is a card unstable useless!


In résumé:

- Overall quality
- Easy to use

- Unstable
- Not followed


Sound card RETURNED to the seller during the time limit for reimbursement of rtractation!

If you want a portable sound card (firewire, USB), make sure of its stability. Have a card that dconnecte regularly, it is not playable.
If you are not mobile, turn to a PCI card (with an external rack for example).

With exprience, I will not take more external sound card or USB firewire even less unless it is really ncessaire.
What is clear is that I will not give more money Presonus.
Flying G09/18/2008

Flying G's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireBox
Able to record my guitar and having an affair Midi primarily motivated my choice recommended by the seller on the Firebox, I finally bought.
My hardware configuration: Intel 2.4 Ghz Mac, Mac OSX 10.5.
Instruments branches: electric guitars and classic keyboard with Midi interface, Effects Korg AX3000G pdalier Link Midi sound banks.


Installation qu'aise more, since on my Mac, the hardware was recognized t instantly.
No bug or incompatibility of use (Cubase LE and Garage Band).
The setup is transparent and the manual unnecessary.

I put 10 in implementation because it is REALLY no problem on Leopard.


Stability is exemplary: I do not use that in between my guitar to record mono or midi with an old Casio keyboard.
The software I use is Garage Band and I have never had a problem: just connect the Firebox before You Started Garage Band, so it is DTECT automatically. This is normal.
I have not measured the latency, but is low trs.


I use DJ for two months. I do not find much wrong, as I was looking for a recording interface easy to use, quality of correct (this is the case). The criticism that we can make it, that is to turn off the power, you must unplug the FireWire, and a switch supplmentaire t wise.
Qualitprix report is correct: it is not the least CHRE, but it has a good quality of pre-amp.
With hindsight, yes, because I really had no problems with the Firebox.

Alexbaryton's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireBox
I use the firebox every day in my classroom for 1 year.
I record my classes in Stereo.
I have a pc collge (for those who know, it's cheap and not fast trs)


The installation is done without problem. There was no conflict. The manual is not helpful for this opration.


The drivers are stable. I had no problem yet. I use the version of Cubase that came with the card. Latency is imperceptible. To record two tracks stro there is no problem. I also used as a low prampli.


I like the ease of use with the collection's outdoor rglages. Sometimes there are sound rendering problem with windows media player, but I wonder if this does not come from the same pc it is in network. And a network of collge ...
I have not tried other models before buying one but I FIREstation home that works perfectly. So I had confidence in presonus.
I would do it again this choice today.

Document02's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireBox
- What characteristics have motivated your choice?
Sample rate for recording.
number of inputs and outputs corresponding to my use

- For what purpose?
recordings, music creation,

- What is your config (Motherboard / CPU / Ram / Hard ,...)?
I use the card
- PC running XP SP2 (multiple configs)
- PC running Vista 32
- MacBook G4 under MacOS 10.4
each time the card is powered via FireWire
- Which instruments and systems (console, preamp, DTD ...) you use it and how connections? ...
A microphone with phantom power supply
Yamaha CS-15
Korg EA1
another as needed
update (2nd)
I made a series of tests to see some rendering of the sound card, its grain etc ... a strong presence in the bass, pleasant enough but very misleading .... A piece emerged onto a CD will not sound the same at all.

I also want to add that after 1.5 years of use without too have changed the config and having little trimballée, the connection back is already tired (I understand if I was very disconnected / reconnected, But that's not the case), the MIDI made his own ... (In the following categories I also updated some experiments on a laptop)


On Windows XP problems of conflict with my firewire card which nevertheless respects the Presonus recommendations.

Overall a good ASIO operation, but for use with Windows drivers (eg Audacity) the card is limited, can not be used for multiple entries. There are generic problems also has use outside computer music, type MS messenger or windows drivers cut the sound ... Ideally it should probably two sound cards if you take it on windows.

Windows Vista 32 as on XP, and worse, impossible to know why there is no sound, it works with asio and wdm not, except when the wind blows in the right direction. the installation of some instability rare. It even happens that the card is full piece désychronise alone, there is a restart, then unplug / replug the card.

On a laptop

In preparation for a live card 10s worked on a laptop borrowed from a friend, and impossible to run, despite a series of tests in all directions. CA is completed by an emergency purchase a sound card worth the name.

Mac can not run the card properly the first try. a second test a few months after (same person, same machine, same software), the card has functioned on the first try. No additional tests on non-musical software.

See "use" for the problems of drivers.

The handbook may well be clear, it does not give the answers sought. (Mac just install the package and plug)

After a few changes in sampling rate, the card can be completely out of sync.

Unable to install Cubase LE despite the forums (which does not bother me, but on principle I mention, and I will find a try cubase aileurs)


Under XP, the drivers are fairly stable when you get to install them. Vista is taking head, we redo the same procedure several times and suddenly it works for no reason.

A recent update finally fixes a bug for recording at 96kHz, but .... since the update firmware of the card it makes a noise / hiss.
After much research on the manufacturer site (which brews a lot of air), I ended up back on a downgrade.
After reinstallation of the old firmware, siffelements disappear. Being stubborn and wanting to be on me again I installed the update, and whistles are not reappeared.
In short, drivers are anything but stable.
Note qsur forums that many users are grilled by their firebox through a firmware error FIREPOD / FP10 above. So the drivers are not protected, no checking is done during el'installation of them.

The virtual mixer is also quite incomplete and definitely not integrated with windows. In short, as long as it's going to ASIO in the nets, when we pass by dX the largest blur appears, and begins to regret the mixer core windows.

late maj
I mostly use Reason with the card.

side latency:
on a PC, Windows XP, Athlon 64 3200 +, 1GB of RAM: 8ms
on a PC, Windows XP, Intel core2duo> 2GHz, 2GB RAM: 4ms (no test is below)
MacBook G4, 512MB RAM: unable to install the drivers.
I never registered more than one track at a time.


- How long have you use it?
1.5 years

- What is so special that you like most and least?
the impedance of the headphones is a bit unpleasant. Sony MDR7506 on I have to reduce the sound to digital mixer in addition to the knob is almost 0. This requires a bin on the main exit out to mix in short is probably the main drawback of the card once you have managed to make it work.
management between sounds is easy and simple.
note: the box is not heated and ventilated. when recording multiple tracks in parallel, it is possible that ca very hot.
In fact the only positive of the card is the quality of its product. Oh yes, the look also for those who find the look of equipment is worth seeing.

- How would you rate the quality / price?
It's very tempting initially. In use, and adding the time lost to the Job title, it's expensive.

- With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Definitely not. Map unstable, unusable, unreliable for a penny, the drivers are not updated quickly when the bugs are reported ...

Tripy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireBox
See notice below or Presonus site.

On paper, it is very tempting.


NOTE: all that follows, the use of the Firebox on a PC with Windows XP Pro.

The implementation depends on your religious fervor and the chance you have in life everyday ...

My personal: she moved in 20 seconds on a computer desktop, and m 'took 10 days and all the manipulations possible and imaginable before installing a tower on relatively powerful, even by following all the recommendations presonus . To install it on my 2nd config in the end I did everything the opposite of what should be done: via firewire chipset (strongly discouraged by PreSonus) connection to the PC hard once lit .. . and it worked, but especially with a big stroke of luck that I did not explain, has nearly 2 hours she returned to the store.

In the end, this card moves if she wants ... It works one time, one time its not working.


When it works, with updated drivers it is really very good, but it is a capricious environment win xp sp2 ... I am so suspicious ...

For now I use it with Sound Forge, and I'll see what it gives with cubase in the near future ...

8ms latency is for now, I think I should go up to 10ms ...


10 days of hassle to install the 20 seconds against a different config ...

It is imperative to use the latest drivers, otherwise it cracks a death ...

This product may be great, but he deserves the negative reviews: a card that is installed once on 2, 3 or worse, which is not stable, drivers with a pity as it can get a good rating: obviously not. And that is all the more frustrating than when she walks, she is really perfect, the Converto are good, the latency right, wait to see what it gives in midi ...

I tried a few cards, but after puff a year for AF, I saw more than one pass, and level quality / price ratio, it seems to me, maps are a bit expensive TC I find, I have too much confidence in edirol ... and not the means to an rms, not the utility and more ...

However, in my case, it will be my first and last purchase I will use the Presonus as pc (or firewire is a joke), if I move to Mac is to see .... obviously kidding least ca. A product that has promising ultra high capacity, when it works ... 10 days config and no music for 10 days, so I regretted my purchase and I hope the next few days will make me forget this mess by bringing me full satisfaction.

EDIT: config passed on mac since 2 seconds to install. It works. Cons: the headphone output ... ideal for farting ears ... brief ... far from being a miracle product ...

wahed's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireBox
I needed an interface to generate 24bit/96kHz materials in MSP and for mixing, not enough for RME, I decided to buy the firebox and to help me finish my project.
I work on a MacPro, 2 * bi2.66 with 5GB of RAM.


No problem (except maybe sometimes she "rode" no, I had to de-reconnect for it to be recognized).
Incompatibility: it is not recognized by Kontakt, you must create an Aggregate Device in the editor "Config. Audio-MIDI" ... and this device "virtual" to be recognized.
In general, normal operation.


No driver required, the widget is "class compliant".

I use it with Digital Performer, WaveEditor, Kontakt and MaxMSP (mainly)

So since I am asked to answer questions and registration latency: let's get to the point!

I use this card for a short time, as I said earlier, it was to help me out and complete a project (primarily for mixing and editing). The 'monitoring', say it's fair, it does the job ...

For cons, I had the bad idea to try to catch sounds: This is a DISASTER! A kind of 'hiss' or clock noise as soon as you push the preamp (which sound miserably to use music).


So it's a quick purchase, on a recommendation from a friend (?) That I would do absolutely not. As a professional musician, I can not work with this type of material, and have, as was the case, having to redo much of my sounds, even after trying to "denoiser" everything.

For someone who wants to podcast, or recording as a hobby, still going ... but ... let us remember the adage:

"You get more for your money"

Nico66's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireBox
Usage: home studio, recording vocals and electric and acoustic guitars.
Config: Pentium 4 HT 2.8 CHZ PC with 2 GB of RAM
I use Cubase SE 3 for now and soon on imac (hi hi hi) and nickel!
I transplanted a Line 6 Vetta II combo and it is happiness!


Installation without any problem in less than 5 minutes, I already started recording.
Compatible with no problems and an easy grip.
Manuel? or does it? anyway, no need, the interface is very clear and easy.


The drivers are stable, orderly ... no problem and recorded with ... attention ... 0 lag ... and yes ... 0! impeccable!
High-quality preamps, the sound is hot!
But for the voice, I still recommend going through a mixing desk before entering the firebox to make a little gain and pre EQ.
In any RSAC with Cubase LE and Cubase SE 3, no but really no worries!
I recorded with two XLR inputs simultaneously, and nothing to say!


I've had a year now, and it is:
more firewire is fine, we go out faster than a direct or USB card (I recommend the passage ...)
I would not change that to make the Studio!

Naunaud's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireBox
- What technical specifications motivated your choice?
Pramp Neutrik, Reduces size, various connectors.

- For what purpose?
Home studio, sound recording and MIDI CONTRL.

- What is your config (motherboard / CPU / Ram / Hard ,...)?
An Acer laptop 12.1 "(Pentium M 1.7Ghz, 1GB DDR2, 80GB 5400rpm HDD), a tower (A64 3000 + DFI LP on Ultra-D, 1GB DDR1, Seagate 7200rpm HDDs)

- Which instruments or Systmes (console, prampli, DTD ...) you use it and how connections? ...
A couple of microphones bte capacitor (XLR), an old synth (MIDI jack and 6.35).


- Installation is it without problem?
All done, just follow the instructions.
Install drivers, wait until the installation requires the insertion of the cable into the port FW FW to Get You Started installing the drivers and it's done.

- Have you experienced any incompatibility?

- The configuration gnrale is easy?
Any fact, the interface is a bit gross but it's clear.

- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
Everything is sufficient.


- The drivers are stable?
No instability point (despite 3 sound cards, PCI, USB and FW branches at the same time).

- Are they often put day?
No IDE, we'll see.

- What software do you use most often?
Cubase SX, Ableton Live.

- What you get lag?
5 ms

- How many tracks you get record / playback simultanment? ...
I have not had the opportunity to test more than 7 tracks (including VSTi), but works with 7.


- How long have you use it?
A little over a month.

- What is the particular feature you like best and least?
Most: its size
The least: no toslink

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?

- How do you report qualitprix?
Excellent, the quality of pramps is bluffing Reduces the price (under 300).

- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...
Yes, everything.