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Thread Issues with Focusrite Drivers in FL Studio

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1 Issues with Focusrite Drivers in FL Studio
Hello, I'm considering the purchase of a 6i6 but I'm reading about a lot of issues with Focusrite Drivers in FL Studio. A sample thread below:


There are more threads like that one. Can Focusrite please contact Image-Line and discuss the Driver issue ? I'd be happy to help with testing if I can work directly with Focusrite support. I can interact with Image-Line support and have a considerable amount of Beta Testing experience.

I'd really like to buy a 6i6 but can't take the chance of Driver issues disabling my studio computer unless there is a support network set up to fix possible issues with Focusrite Drivers and the way they function in FL Studio. :)
Hi Teksonik,

I'm Alex from Focusrite Tech Support and I'd like to try and help with this.

As far as we are aware there are no issues with our driver and FL Studio, or any that we are aware of we have workarounds for whilst they are being fixed. These forum posts come from customers who largely haven't contacted us and have just posted on a forum about a problem which can be fixed had they contacted us about it.

If there is a specific problem that you are having then please do get in touch with us directly and describe the problem that you are having and the exact specs of your computer/drivers/DAW and we can look into it and provide a fix.


Best regards,

Alex Bull // Focusrite Tech Support
Thanks for your response but the only problem I'm having at the moment is buying a 6i6 with confidence since I intend to use it heavily with FL Studio.

Those people posted at the Image-Line Forums because they were having issues with Focusrite Interfaces and FL Studio which of course is Image-Line's DAW. It is possible the issue lies with FL Studio so posting there makes perfect sense. It's not possible to tell for certain at this point which side the fault lies if there are indeed issues. Once again if Focusrite Tech Support could shake hands with Image-Line Tech Support it could only be a good thing....

As someone who is interested in purchasing the 6i6 I have been following all threads about FR and/or FL issues and based on what I've read I have some concern about them functioning flawlessly together. Certainly you can understand my concern for being a wise shopper. My present soundcard is working perfectly but I could use the I/O capabilities of the 6i6 hence my interest.

Anyway I posted your response at the IL Forums in one of the Focusrite threads. Hopefully that will inspire current owners of FR interfaces to seek help from FR Support as well.
No response ? Ok...No Sale. Pretty simple. :non:
I actually have a pretty big issue with my Saffire Pro 40, and my bandmate has the same issue with the Pro 26. When running the playlist on FLStudio, it will frequently start playing, go a bar or 2, then go back to the beginning of wherever we started playing from. It will do this a few times in a row before it stops and continues onto the rest of the song. Doesn't matter what song we're working on, how long we've been working, or where we start playback on the playlist. It has made me question buying Focusrite soundcards in the future for my main studio rig.
And another today:

Quote from princelee123:
every time I try and select the focusrite asio in the audio input/output option to record, it says fl12 has stopped working. any ideas? comments? please help! I have the focusrite scarlett 2i2 btw...PLEEEASE HELLLP!

Come on Focusrite support, work with Image-Line to see if there are issues with your hardware/divers and/or their software.

I'd love to buy one of your interfaces but would you give money to a company with such poor support ?