Steinberg Cubase 5
Steinberg Cubase 5

Cubase 5, General Sequencer from Steinberg in the Cubase series.


Steinberg Cubase 5 : Anonymous 's user review


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Steinberg's Cubase is an incredibly powerful program that, quite frankly, needs a bit of a face lift. More and more features enter its clutches and the program reaches a point to where I was not able to figure out how to begin setting things up without a bit of a romp on the internet and a downloading of extra drivers. That is odd that I seemed to have to do that. This is in my opinion the biggest problem that Cubase has. It is a fantastic MIDI sequencing program and has so many different parameters and comprehensive controls for MIDI data, and something like that can be gotten into immediately. However, the general audio configuration is just absolutely horrendous the first time. Granted, this is not terrible since once it is figured out, it becomes quite simple. So do not take this rating too badly.


Cubase is fantastic for MIDI, but when it comes to audio, it is not really a slouch either. That said, none of its offerings compare to its competitors like Pro Tools and Logic. I even prefer Reaper's built in things over Cubase's. That is quite silly, considering that Steinberg pioneered the VST format.

However, for MIDI, which is honestly the very first thing one should consider when working with Cubase or considering buying Cubase, it is absolutely superb. Never before have I seen a program that can so easily and intuitively process MIDI data. The problem again comes in its graphical user interface, which is dated and bloated, and not all that inspiring to someone attempting to choose a digital audio workstation.


Overall I like Cubase. I worked with it for a while, and the expression of the MIDI parameters is the one hook that Cubase should be more aware of. Even with the more recent Cubase 6, Cubase is not a terribly inspiring program to work in unless you already know all of the insides and outs. The only reason you are reading reviews on a website is because you do not know the ins and outs, so unless you are a huge MIDI buff, I suggest not even considering Cubase right now.