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Guitar Amp Simulators user reviews

  • Fractal Audio Systems Axe-Fx II

    Fractal Audio Systems Axe-Fx II - "YEAH BABY!!!!"


    Well it's the newest generation of the Axe-Fx. This time twice the processing power and a whole lotta goodies thrown in for good measure. My favorite is that now you can use it as an external sound card for your computer which comes in super handy …

  • Line 6 POD HD400

    Line 6 POD HD400 - "takes a beating and keeps working"


    This is a digital amp modeler. I don't think that it can be edited through a Mac or a PC. It's also not MIDI-controllable. The knobs are all on top. It's a completely digital technology. there are basic 1/4" connections. UTILIZATION These digita…

  • Vox Tonelab

    Vox Tonelab - "midi hook up!"


    This is a digital amp modeler. This thing cannot, unfortunately, be updated through a Mac or PC, however a MIDI controller can be purchased to control it more efficiently. This unit is not rackable. It has MIDI connections as well as a 1/4" input and…

  • Boss BC-2 Combo Drive

    Boss BC-2 Combo Drive - "Boss BC-2 British Combo Driver"


    Boss is known for making pedals that can withstand a nuclear bombing or a similar yet equal test of endurance; live gigging. I first heard about the BC-2 Combo Drive a few weeks ago. To me what set it apart from most pedals is the Sound Knob which …

  • Line 6 POD HD Pro

    Line 6 POD HD Pro - iamqman's review


    This is a great unit for effects only. The amp models and distortion are simply terrible. They don't sound natural or real at all. I like POD stuff when using only effects. This is a great unit for that purpose only. Here are the amps models that are…

  • Line 6 POD Pro

    Line 6 POD Pro - "Not bad."


    Amp Models 32, customizable Digital Effects 16 Factory/ User Presets 36 Headphone Out Yes Digital Out 24-Bit AES/EBU and S/PDIF Direct out Dual-Mode XLR Power N/A Configuration Rack - Mountable UTILIZATION This was my first "serious"…

  • Line 6 POD 2

    Line 6 POD 2 - "It's a staple unit."


    Features Amp Models based on*: '64 Fender ® Deluxe Reverb ® '59 Fender ® Bassman ® '68 Marshall ® Plexi 100 watt Marshall ® JTM-45 meets Budda Twinmaster '60 Tweed Fender ® Champ ® Budda Twinmaster head '65 Blackface Fender ® Twin Reverb ® '…

  • Line 6 POD Pro

    Line 6 POD Pro - "Great first edition"


    I am a little biased towards all things Line6 when it comes to effects units....not amps. I have used the POD live, POD rack mount, and the XT unit. There is a common operation that flows throughout the POD series that makes effect tweaking pretty …

  • Line 6 POD XT

    Line 6 POD XT - yoTrakkz's review


    The 6POD XT delivers great flexibility and quality. Combined with over 60 classic stombox effects. Also, some hand picked selections from some of the best stomp boxes ever made. The 6 POD XT is no long available to be purchased brand new because they…

  • Tech 21 US Steel

    Tech 21 US Steel - nickname009's review


    Knobs: level, low, mid, high, character, Drive and the speaker sim. This is a new character series pedal from tech 21 called US steel. It's modeled after an american type of overdrive/distortion. 100% pure analog circuitry apparently. For a …