Koch Guitar amplification user reviews

  • Koch TS212V

    Koch TS212V - " Good sound!"


    Coupled to the head Studiotone Koch, this is the perfect deal! The construction is sturdy, the weight is felt but what sound, light, or saturated crunch are no problem with this cabinet. …

  • Koch Multitone II 100

    Koch Multitone II 100 - " the weight of excellence"


    for features, thank you to ekerisann .... UTILIZATION Dad as my mom with her best friend and the factor ... everything exept the scatogore opportunities for the metalfisting a small od as a lubricant will be welcome .... SOUNDS I tried with t…

  • Koch PedalTone

    Koch PedalTone - "The Grail in the studio!"


    Preamp format very big pedal, made so Russian tank and about as charming, heavy and solid ... All lamps, 3 preamp and power amp section in, delivered 12AX7 which I know the brand, I got it installed in new TAD. It is left to right: - Chanel 1 "…

  • Koch Dummybox Home

    Koch Dummybox Home - " The aptly named"


    Load box for tube amps under 8ohm 60w max. Possibility of getting out of an attenuated signal 95, 97 or 99% on a HP of any impedance (monitor). A line level output format Jack (6.35 and 3.5) or RCA with switchable HP emulation. Lightweight but se…

  • Koch Dummybox Studio/PA

    Koch Dummybox Studio/PA - " Excellent"


    DI + power attenuator by Koch 1 XLR input 1 switch + Lift / Gnd to remove the ringing associated with the earth 1 switch on / off with one switch emulation voicing the position of the microphone is taken in the axis or on the side and 1 switch em…

  • Koch Twintone II

    Koch Twintone II - " small but tough"


    All Tube Amp-(cf. constructor) -50w/25w -Two instrument inputs: a normal (single coil) and the other suitable for humbuckers Three-channels: a clean EQ with two channels and OD OD + with EQ, gain and volume common presence. Spring-reverb (adj…

  • Koch LB120-Loadbox II

    Koch LB120-Loadbox II - " Save your neighborly relations"


    I use it since 2008. I bought a VOX AC H1TV. I got totally fooled by the power of the amp. Can not do without like cruncher as to vibrate the walls. So I had to find a solution. I have not tried other models. there is a version 16 ohms and one 8 …

  • Koch Jupiter 45

    Koch Jupiter 45 - " JUPITER ... what a monster"


    Koch is an internationally renowned brand known for incomparably pro sound reproduction. Jupiter is an amp that provides power adjustable from 0-45 watts through its Dimmer technology. The power amp and pre-amp circuits are hybrid tube / transisto…

  • Koch Classictone 4x10

    Koch Classictone 4x10 - " Exceptional"


    Tube amp handmade. 40 watts very sufficient. Four HP 10 ". Both channels: Clean and Overdrive with their volumes and the second drive. Equalisation Bass / Mid / Treble for each cannal. Master (depth & reverb) and vibrato (depth & speed). …

  • Koch Studiotone II Head

    Koch Studiotone II Head - " Great little punchy head well"


    Everything has been said, but in brief: Guitar amp head lamps: 3 x 12AX7 + 2 x EL 84 Power: 18 to 20 Watt 3 channels: Clean, Overdrive and Overdrive Boost Tone Controls: Bass, Middle and Treble Vocing 2 switches: Mid shift (2 positions) and…