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Distortions user reviews

  • Akai Professional Deluxe Distortion

    Akai Professional Deluxe Distortion - "Lives up to its name"


    This pedal is part of the Akai Analog Custom Shop line. I took a chance on it due to an insanely low price and I am happy that I did. It is an analog distortion unit with many unique and useful tools available. The six rotary knobs control le…

  • Amt Electronics Tube Platinum

    Amt Electronics Tube Platinum - "great mid gain distortion"


    This is what I consider to be a middle of the road gain distortion. It is an all analog pedal that employes a tube in the pre-amp section and and analog cab simulator before the output. It has one quarter inch in and one quarter inch out and mu…

  • Boss ST-2 Power Stack

    Boss ST-2 Power Stack - "An amp channel in a box that's hard to make sound bad."


    The BOSS ST-2 Power Stack compact pedal is a new and I would dare say revolutionary compact pedal. Not necessarily an overdrive, not necessarily a distortion, it is a pedal that can serve as the overdrive/gain channel to a single-channel amp, or an a…

  • Boss DS-1 Distortion

    Boss DS-1 Distortion - "Boss DS-1 Tried and True for basic Distortion tone"


    No rocket science in the features of the Boss DS-1, just straight ahead fizz when you need it. Three easy to use controls for tone level and distortion. That's as straight forward as it gets. Well made and instruction manual is more than sufficien…

  • Boss DS-1 Distortion

    Boss DS-1 Distortion - MountAnDewMe's review


    The Boss DS-1 is a distortion based effect. It is used to add an analog type distortion to a guitar signal before use in an amplifier. This distortion has been around for many years and has remained unchanged though it's production life. The …

  • Boss DS-1 Distortion

    Boss DS-1 Distortion - "An Instant Classic"


    The Boss DS-1 is a simple, dirty, and crunchy distortion pedal. It's a compact little killer. The thing has murderous sounds. It reproduces dynamics very accurately and has an awesome tone. It's a very simple unit to use and runs on a 9V battery or a…

  • Boss ST-2 Power Stack

    Boss ST-2 Power Stack - nickname009's review


    From fat crunch to ultra high-gain distortion, the ST-2 Power Stack delivers famous BOSS distortion with a stunning amount of power that’s akin to coveted tube amps and professional amp stacks. The SOUND knob simultaneously blends gain amount and sou…

  • MXR M78 Custom Badass '78 Distortion

    MXR M78 Custom Badass '78 Distortion - "It's alright"


    MXR Custom Badass '78 Distortion Pedal Features at a Glance: Hot-rodded classic circuit gives you huge distortion tones Roars with both amp stack tones and old-school pedal distortion Delivers soaring leads and rich, saturated rhythm…

  • Boss DS-1 Distortion - Ultra Mod - - Modded by Keeley

    Boss DS-1 Distortion - Ultra Mod - - Modded by Keeley - "What a surprise!"


    Mods: *With the diode Toggle Switch you have the DS-ULTRA! Huge tube like tone, switch back and you have the classic Seeing Eye Mod (SEM) version of the pedal for high gain, tube like distortion! *Extra mods to increase the distortion range at maxi…

  • Boss DS-1 - Pro Mod - Modded by Analog Man

    Boss DS-1 - Pro Mod - Modded by Analog Man - "Analogman's take on the DS-1"


    Keeley has been a long time modder of Boss pedals, but so has Analogman. Mike has created some wonderful pedal mods, and his tend to sound a bit more towards the vintage side of things. This mod he does turns the DS1 into an almost boost like pedal…