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Distortions user reviews

  • ProCo Sound RAT 2 - Modded by Keeley

    ProCo Sound RAT 2 - Modded by Keeley - "The mods didn't really gel with my rig."


    The Rat 2 modded by Keeley is like any other rat, 1/4" input and output, volume knob, filter, knob and gain knob. The Keeley mods give it a BOSS style 2.1mm 9VDC jack which is very convenient. Then it adds a 3-way switch. This essentially turns it in…

  • Rocktron Rampage Distortion

    Rocktron Rampage Distortion - "Rock out Tron"


    Rocktron is really well known for their midi foot controllers that allow you to select rack unit effects or pedals without having to do a dance on your pedal board. They are also well known for their preamps and effects processors much like TC Eletro…

  • Marshall The Guv'nor

    Marshall The Guv'nor - "original boss!!"


    Marshall is pretty well-known for their hard rock amplifiers but they're not as well-known for their pedals. They do make some decent sounding pedals to give you basically the sound of a Marshall amplifiers but not really the feel of a an all tube am…

  • ProCo Sound Vintage RAT

    ProCo Sound Vintage RAT - "Round and Round!!!"


    The pro coat Rat pedal is what is his iconic distortion pedals that it's been one of the most legendary distortion sounds in all of rock history. Much like the boss pedals and even Ibanez tube screamer this pedal goes down as one of the most highly u…

  • Heptode Heavy Tone

    Heptode Heavy Tone - "heavy sounding pedal"


    The Heptode Heavy Tone is a very “heavy toned” pedal. It has an interesting setup for a pedal of this type. The top of the pedal has a 3-band EQ (which is a really effective EQ at that) as well as a Drive knob. The bottom of the pedal has a level kno…

  • DOD FX69 Grunge

    DOD FX69 Grunge - "awesome"


    This is a pretty awesome overdrive considering the price. There are the simple 1/4" input and ouputs as well as the input for a power supply. This is an analog overdrive pedal. This cannot be edited with a computer nor controlled by MIDI. It is not r…

  • Boss HM-3 Hyper Metal

    Boss HM-3 Hyper Metal - "Not quite as good as the HM2"


    When the HM-2 was discontinued, Boss decided to try to recreate a similar pedal with the HM-3. It's like the bastard child between the HM-2 and the MT-2. It was the transitioning period, and as a result, it's not quite as good as either of the peda…

  • Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal

    Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal - "Old school melodeath tone"


    Anybody who has ever listened to old school melodeath has heard this pedal. We're talking everything from At the Gates to In Flames to Entombed and more. It's not your daddy's distortion pedal, and it's not for everybody. Hell, it's debatable as t…

  • MXR M115 Distortion III

    MXR M115 Distortion III - "clean pedal, love it"


    The MXR M115 Distortion III has a really nice tone quality to it and is usable for other genres besides blues. I have only use this with guitar and I probably wouldn't recommend it for use with any other instrument, although it would work fine. I jus…

  • Boss DS-1 Distortion - Rectifier - Modded by Monte Allums

    Boss DS-1 Distortion - Rectifier - Modded by Monte Allu… - "A bit heavier than the normal DS1"


    Monte Allums has been a long time provider of DIY kits for your pedals. He's been one of the leaders when it comes to making easy to understand kits for those do-it-yourself kind of person, and that's one of my favorite things about his stuff. I ho…