Marshall Guitars user reviews

  • Marshall DSL50

    Marshall DSL50 - "Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 50 good for the money"


    Marshall really took a big step up from the JCM 900 series with the JCM 2000. 50 watts and lots of versatility make this a very nice amp for the money.Two winged C EL34 power tubes came stock and all Marshall preamps. Comes with two channels and al…

  • Marshall 1960B [1990-Current]

    Marshall 1960B [1990-Current] - "Solid Rock Projections, but overhyped?"


    I acquired this can in the late nineties. I ran this can for about ten years before selling it off (more on that later). My musical stylings were varied over the years: hard rock, metal, pop, punk, rock, atmospheric...but mostly aggressive and loud. …

  • Marshall TSL100

    Marshall TSL100 - "In the shop all the time"


    Here's a tube monster that I was totally psyched to acquire. I was able to get a great deal through my local shop, so I ordered a brand new one, right from the factory to the store and I was there to open the shipment. This is a 3 channel 100 watt be…

  • Marshall 1960BV

    Marshall 1960BV - "Very underrated cab"


    Ok, so Marshall 1960A cabs are literally everywhere. You can find them in probably every major city in the world. But, the 1960B cabs are a lot less prevalent for some reason. I actually much prefer the B cabs because of their straight baffle. They t…

  • Marshall 2203 JCM800 Reissue

    Marshall 2203 JCM800 Reissue - "Faithful reissue of the classic. "


    1 Channel, 100 watts, 4 EL34's, Standard EQ section with master volume, FX loop with true bypass switch, 4/ 8/ 16 ohm speaker out selector UTILIZATION The JCM800 should need to introduction. There are so many amps based off of its design, it's not…

  • Marshall 1960A JCM800 Lead

    Marshall 1960A JCM800 Lead - "Classic cab that can be had for cheap!!!"


    I am almost positive that the Marshal 1960A cabinet is the most prevalent speaker cabinet on the planet. I myself, have owned 6 or 7 of them over the last few years. Sure, they may not be as refined as other cabs out there, but nothing says rock like…

  • Marshall 1960TV

    Marshall 1960TV - "Great cab, but somewhat pricey"


    I have owned a ton of speaker cabinets in my day. I currently own 6 4x12's, 3 of them being Marshall. The 1960TV is a great cabinet. It looks amazing with it's 'blues breaker' like grille cloth and small logo. If you didn't know, the 1960TV's and 196…

  • Marshall 8080 Valvestate 80V

    Marshall 8080 Valvestate 80V - "Not a bad Marshall. It was OK - but NOT a JCM800. "


    Solid state, 80 watts of power (too much for a 1x12, imho). 2 Channels, one which is tube preamp'ed for gain. I don't remember if it had a cab / out jack... I might have mod'ed mine with one if I remember correctly. 1x12 Celestion speaker, white …

  • Marshall VS100R

    Marshall VS100R - "Great Amp"


    I recently picked up this amp on Ebay for a little over 200 dollars. A damn good deal. The serial number denotes it was made in 1998 and I’m cool with that.…very cool. I like older women, guitars, Harleys and amps. I don’t want to start a rush to buy…

  • Marshall 2204 JCM800 Master Volume Lead [1981-1989]

    Marshall 2204 JCM800 Master Volume Lead [1981-1989] - "The original rock god."


    The Marshall JCM800 50w head is the smaller of the two iconic original single channel 800s. They have been used by many noted rock and metal players both in stick and modded form. It has a very simple layout of controls that includes 2 volumes, bass,…