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Guitars user reviews

  • Laboga Caiman AD5300

    Laboga Caiman AD5300 - "It's loud, simple and effective"


    The amp has an ordinary design (the grill cloth on the front panel is identical to blackheart amps). While not beautiful, it seems pretty solid. I changed the knobs, they weren't readable enough, in general (specially in the twilight onstage), so ...

  • Roland Jazz Chorus JC-55

    Roland Jazz Chorus JC-55 - "Excellent amp"


    It's a solid-state amp, the small sibling of the JC 120. It delivers 2*22.5W stereo, it has two inputs (high and low), a chorus (with two modes) a distortion, and a line out. 3-band EQ, reverb and chorus parameters. UTILIZATION It is extremely eas...

  • Fender Princeton 112 Plus

    Fender Princeton 112 Plus - "Excellent surprise!"


    I needed a backup amp and thought about a basic solid-state amp that wasn't heavy and fitted in my car's trunk. I went for this 1996 solid-state Fender Princeton 112+, made in USA, rated at 65 watts, with a 12" speaker, and weighing 31 lbs, which ha...

  • PMC GUITARS Waukesha Legacy

    PMC GUITARS Waukesha Legacy - "I had a dream, PMC helped me realize it !"


    Everything began during the autumn of 2013 at the reading of a dossier on French stringed instrument makers, in a specialized magazine, Guitarist & Bass magazine. The Waukesha photographed was a real shock at first sight. I then visited Pierre Marie ...

  • Stagg 40 AA R

    Stagg 40 AA R - "I was not unhappy to sell it"


    Solid-state amp, very typical for acoustic guitar The controls were conceived by an incompetent mad scientist It features a mic connector and a jack input, plus a jack output An active/passive switch that you most probably won't use It wasn't ugl...

  • Marshall 4102 JCM900 Dual Reverb [1990-1999]

    Marshall 4102 JCM900 Dual Reverb [1990-1999] - "Rediscover it!"


    100W tube combo (mine has 3 x 12AX7 and 4 x EL34, but there are also versions with 6L6), switchable to 50W. One input, one non-switchable effects loop with adjustable level, 2 speaker outputs (8 and 4/16 ohms), one direct line output and one with am...

  • Yamaha VA-5

    Yamaha VA-5 - "Nice one"


    Transistor amplifier. Basic tone and volume controls with a single input. UTILIZATION Extremely basic, simple. SOUNDS I use it with my keyboards OVERALL OPINION Nice, troble free, budget and sturdy. Does the job well ...

  • GFS 1960's Repro Premium Alnico Strat Pickup Set

    GFS 1960's Repro Premium Alnico Strat Pickup Set - chavilbus's review


    I've been using these pickups for six months on a Squier classic vibe. The quality is amazing, considering their price. The guitar has been transformed. I have the powerful and vintage sound I was looking for. There's no loss of precision in the midd...

  • Dean Markley DMC-80

    Dean Markley DMC-80 - "Strong Solid State Amp"


    Dean Markley DMC80 Stereo/Chorus 2x10. The amp is 100% Solid State, 50watt X 2..100 watt output. It has a Tank Spring Reverb, and Chorus. Very Loud for a Combo amp. The review by Moosehermans information was Wrong..this amp do not have any other ef...

  • ENGL E520 Tube Preamp

    ENGL E520 Tube Preamp - "Great Tone Watch MIDI"


    3 channel tube Pre-amp tone=8 plenty of gain on Ch 3=9 Coll feature you can use headphone out as a 1watt stereo amp to drive external speakers=6 only glitch I've ran in to you CANNOt plugh a reg 5-pin or 7-pin midi cable into MIDI In I have been told...

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