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Guitars user reviews

  • Hufschmid Guitars H-7 Headless

    Hufschmid Guitars H-7 Headless - "Hufschmid Guitars H-7 Headless" has images


    I'm a 25 year old musician and bedroom music producer from Sweden. Music and playing guitar has been my passion for as long as I can remember and throughout the years I have been playing on a large variety of brand guitars. From my first electric gui…

  • Akai Head Rush

    Akai Head Rush - "Awesome Loop Pedal"


    This is a 3 in 1 effect pedal. You get Delay, Tape Echo and a Looper. The Delay is a very cool sounding effect with delay time of up to 23.8 seconds. The tape echo allows you to make use of the 4 outputs, so if you have 4 amps or speakers availa…

  • Mesa Boogie F50 1x12 Combo

    Mesa Boogie F50 1x12 Combo - "Great amp"


    All-tube mesa hand-made in the States, 50 watts on steroids, 2 completely independent channels, comprehensive connection options (effects loop, headphone out, recording output, etc.). This model hasn't been manufactured for several years, you can on…

  • Martin & Co LXK2 Little Martin

    Martin & Co LXK2 Little Martin - "Full-size tone in a travel-size guitar"


    The Martin & Co LXK2 is a travel-sized guitar with a short 23" scale. It is crafted in Mexico from beautiful Koa Wood, contributing to it's darker, softer tone. The build and finish is quintessential Martin, right down to the expertly executed joiner…

  • Gibson Min-ETune

    Gibson Min-ETune - Bonnie Scotland's review


    It came installed from factory on my Gibson Sg Standard. I got it as a family present this last July. I didn't know this product, but I found it really useful at first. First point: In terms of tuning, it's better if you tune two times, becaus…

  • Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor

    Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor - "Very helpful ally against single-coil hum"


    I love my NS-2. Single-coil pickups (IMHO) have a purer sinusoidal waveform than humbuckers since a humbucker has two rows of pickups which are slightly out of phase but then combined. However, single-coils are noisy (60-cycle hum from lights, etc.…

  • Hohner ST victory

    Hohner ST victory - "My HOHNER st victory" has images


    My 80's HoHNER ST Victory Body is Solid maple Neck maple & rosewood Cherry Red 1 Volume Push & pull 1 Tone License Floyd Rose Bridge pickup 85 EMG Select The only thing I didn't like about the guitar was the German SteinBurger bridge it was c…

  • Blackstar Amplification HT Studio 20H

    Blackstar Amplification HT Studio 20H - "20w of happiness"


    20w tube amp head. For the rest, read other reviews ;) I "only" give it an 8 (equivalent to "very good"), because some people might miss a true EQ on the clean channel (which doesn't bother me) and, especially, a stand-by option. UTILIZATION Very …

  • Rocktron Velocity 300

    Rocktron Velocity 300 - "Amazing!!!"


    - Solid-state amp with tube simulation - One input and 2 speaker outputs per channel - 2x150 watts max stereo or 300 watts max mono - One volume and one reactance (tube simulation) control per channel - Bridged mode button (mono or stereo) UTILI…

  • Gibson Les Paul Studio 2012 - Fireburst

    Gibson Les Paul Studio 2012 - Fireburst - "A superb guitar"


    - Mahogany body - Maple top - Mahogany neck - Granadillo fretboard (an interesting rosewood alternative) - Standard Gibson 24.75" scale with 22 frets - Neck pickup: Gibson 490R Humbucker - Bridge pickup: Gibson 498T Humbucker - 2 volume and 2 …

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