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Guitars user reviews

  • Washburn G4

    Washburn G4 - "MyG-4 Is stoned! puff, puff, play! Or not."


    I bought this guitar at Apple Music in Portland Oregon in August of '89. I am a drummer but I loved the custom paint job. It looks like a big bloodshot eye ball. I partake quite a bit so it's very fitting. I still have her in the original custom (bo…

  • Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive Mod

    Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive Mod - "A Unique Take on the Overdrive Formula" has images


    I was intrigued by the Sparkle Drive when it first came out. I liked the idea of being able to mix in the clean sound along with the overdriven sound of the pedal. I could see the potential of being able to marry the two sounds, but it was several …

  • Takamine EAN15C

    Takamine EAN15C - "Absolutely outstanding guitar. Top quality instrument." has images


    I’m 54, and been playing since I was 11/12. Up till now, I’ve never written a guitar review, having never felt the need. Guitars are like women. Some are great, others not so great and just plain bad. It depends on you, and the chemistry that exists …

  • Epiphone Goth Les Paul Studio

    Epiphone Goth Les Paul Studio - "Simply a gem!"


    This is the first guitar I bought and even though I have a Fender Strat lying around nowadays, this is the one I use for every music style I play. It is more than worth the price and I won’t exaggerate if I say that this guitar can be placed against …

  • Boss TR-2 Tremolo

    Boss TR-2 Tremolo - "Worth it, but not at full price"


    I’d like to start out by saying that this pedal is worth it if you buy it at a discount or second hand because it’s a Boss pedal and they will work just fine even if they’re from the 80s. This is generally a good pedal, but unless you need tremolo ef…

  • Warmoth Telecaster

    Warmoth Telecaster - "Build Your Own Dream Guitar" has images


    I have become a guitar snob. I lay the blame at the feet of Warmoth. Before I found their website I was happy to buy guitars off the rack. Now, if a guitar does not have ALL the features I want, then I just walk away. It took three years to ass…

  • Reverend Avenger

    Reverend Avenger - "Streamlined and Innovative"


    Overview If you have ever played a Reverend, then you may know what I mean when I use the words "streamlined" and "innovative" to describe these wonderful guitars. Since the late 90s, Reverend has produced some of the world's most useful, inventiv…

  • Vox VT40+

    Vox VT40+ - "The 'catch all' guitar amp"


    Overview Vox is a name that is synonymous with quality guitar amplifiers. They are especially famous for their tube amplifiers that produce warm clean tones and smooth overdrives, like the AC30 and smaller AC15. More recently, though, Vox has rele…

  • Fender Blues Junior

    Fender Blues Junior - "The affordable Fender sound" has images


    Overview The Fender Blues Jr. is easily one of Fender's most popular guitar amplifiers of the past decade. In addition to the classic black tolex model, there have been several limited edition releases over the years as well--often equipped with d…

  • Bogner Ecstasy Red

    Bogner Ecstasy Red - "Good Features But Not the Best Sound"


    When I went from a multi-effects device to individual pedals I needed a good distortion pedal to anchor my sound. I wanted a distortion pedal that included a boost feature. I also wanted control of the level and the amount of distortion that the bo…

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