Waldorf MicroWave
Waldorf MicroWave

MicroWave, Hybrid synthesizer from Waldorf in the MicroWave series.

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nova akropola 11/30/2005

Waldorf MicroWave : nova akropola's user review


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Version and micro wave rack (exit before his illustrious master) the number of its in memory is 64 + to use it as
This rack is editable (relatively easily) in facade or via software (whose link is given by shamkara in tips)
there are memory cards plsueirus stuff like that (see tips)
niveaus twelve o'clock output connector trio separated stereo + 4
only downside no headphone
the look is solid and correct button (I got it used) and other than audio connections are not fixed on the rack (to plug deplug unwanted attention and repeat)
fuses to outside groups (such as the Ensoniq) and automatic selections 220/110


Setup is simple and has two floors edition:
a floor with easy access templates envelopes (moyennnement used but good starting point)
a second in more detail with the closures into waves of complex envelopes etc. ....
This is almost perfect ... a modular source can be a source modulation and again ..... and the waves are oscillating with extra ability to load its own waves ....

the manual says is clearly in English or German but two volumes for the manual mode and edit mode performance


ha sound ..... no piano or sax sound type (is the imitator of the Tilt orchestra ).... but the rest are digital (Fitr and envelopes) are analog type ssm to or envelopes very fast (we get all types of analog sound kraft bleep noise ....) low round close prophet or Oberheim (but not so fat that moog .... missing ....) tilt a presence all his own, but that's not all.
we get specific sounds crystal clear with tablecloths ppg balayges waveform and sometimes imitations of voice type formant synthesis obtained with the scanning ... leads to aggressive and sometimes sounds reminiscent of sour ..... my dw6000
brief a strong personality on a versatile raplace does not a true analog, but brings an incomparable with an Ensoniq sampler as a duo ... incomparable in terms of heat (and sound real because in the studio is two machines Avoids a radiator)

negative point
no effect, but a quasi modular structure or expression of that extra tries hard
8 channel 8-channel polyphony multitimbral ... with a shot sampler is rgl .... not a sound road industrial ambient experimental electronica rather than dance machine varietoche hip hip hop and techno bagpipes .....


I 'lai last week I thank x tractor for his professionalism a marvel
I like the sound and synthesis capabilities
I tried that before synths (I prefer hardware that DECOTE slower than software) and I prefer to have a rack as a mouse (although for the edition in-depth wavetables the mouse is n sary)
I got it for 270 extra roro report quality price (cheaper than a soft synth) and I will redeem waldorf (microq lite rack or attack) and I'll find a matrix a matrix 6r 1000 mfb or analog rack of this type
edit ^

I do nothing to change what I said coupled with the effect of phaze smash up etc. TRESTR sympthique alesis sound and can be original but not surprising TRESTR