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Kurzweil user reviews

  • Kurzweil SP88

    Kurzweil SP88 - " Great value"


    88-key hammer, with a range of connection and editable effects. It does everything one would expect of him simply. UTILIZATION The hit is very nice: not too heavy. It is in splitable 2 zone control with a midi channel per zone + the addition …

  • Kurzweil Micro Ensemble

    Kurzweil Micro Ensemble - " Sounds quite nice but lacks serious"


    Expander at half-rack, so compact and ideal for frequent travel. Standard connector, jack L / R, MIDI IN and THROUGH UTILIZATION General Config quite simple. For use against not very convenient for the stage, to move from one sound to another…

  • Kurzweil PC3

    Kurzweil PC3 - " A sacred creature!"


    76-key semi-weighted synth, bristling with assignable controllers at will. the keyboard is very nice because it is a good tradeoff between a heavy touch prohibiting organ playing (glissando touch on heavy phalanx = crumbs), and a touch-type keyboa…

  • Kurzweil PC3X

    Kurzweil PC3X - " Excellent keyboard"


    PC3X Kurzweil UTILIZATION Using slightly complex, it is a logical kurzweil but we made it ... SOUNDS The sounds are simply "great." The conductors are often better than the East West virtual instruments such ... OVERALL OPINION I tried al…

  • Kurzweil Micro Ensemble

    Kurzweil Micro Ensemble - " I love despite its flaws - a matter of taste"


    Model not rack. MIDI sounds nonstandard - Assignment laborious. This module must be installed on a flat surface. Especially not to drop it. The selectors are specific and it took me months to find one through my local music store! ; VAS = Kurzweil g…

  • Kurzweil Micro Ensemble

    Kurzweil Micro Ensemble - " Kurzweil sound at low cost but with the breath"


    Half a rack, do not take place, external power supply. UTILIZATION Very simple to use, for cons, no editing of sound. SOUNDS We are entitled to all the sounds typically Kurzweil. It is the ideal module if you want to sprinkle a component of…

  • Kurzweil MicroPiano

    Kurzweil MicroPiano - " Practice to release the laptop" has images


    Everything has been said. it's a simple little box with a MIDI input, one MIDI through for daisy-chained, and two audio outputs (mono and / or stereo format jack guitar) UTILIZATION Simpler is difficult One button on / off volume few buttons a…

  • Kurzweil PC3X

    Kurzweil PC3X - " keyboard"


    See above UTILIZATION simple configuration, but rather complex issue. You have to know the logic Kurzweil. Clear manual, available from the importer upon request. Once mastered, editing brings a lot of things and the power of algebra and fx is…

  • Kurzweil PC3LE6

    Kurzweil PC3LE6 - sonic75's review


    Semi-weighted keyboard, good hit. Over 1000 sounds of all styles. Conventional controllers like all the synths ... Good UTILIZATION not a Nordlead, sounds are not obtained in 5 minutes, you must go into menus and submenus, select effects, etc. ..…

  • Kurzweil K2600 - 76 Keys

    Kurzweil K2600 - 76 Keys - " top synth"


    Of course it has 10 and so I do not liken the current synth. But for the time it is perfect! UTILIZATION Not really easy to program, too bad ... But hey just work and study hard, it's not like a Triton or Motif or hands on right away but with les…