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RODE Large diaphragm condenser microphones user reviews

  • RODE NT1-A

    RODE NT1-A - FP User's review


    Features wise this mic is pretty bare-bones. There is no 20 dB pad, and no switchable polar patterns. The mic comes with a leather pouch instead of the metal boxes you might be used to seeing RODE's packaged in. It comes with a nice, solid shock moun…


    RODE NT2A - joshsound's review


    The NT-2A from Rode is without a really nice mic. Rode is known for making really high quality gear at a price that most people can actually afford without maxing out their credit cards, and this is a definite case in point. I like to think of this…

  • RODE NT1-A

    RODE NT1-A - joshsound's review


    The NT1A is a modern version of the Rode classic NT1. This mic is very cheap to buy, but honestly it sounds way better than it should for this price. Value is definitely the defining characteristic on this mic. It's a large diaphragm condenser, so…

  • RODE NT1-A

    RODE NT1-A - moosers's review


    The Rode NT1-A is a great recording condenser microphone. I use it mostly for vocals and it used to be my go to mic before I got my Neumann TLM103. I've also use it on acoustic guitars and it works great for that application as well. OVERALL OPINION…

  • RODE NT1

    RODE NT1 - "Rode NT 1"


    I wanted a great quality studio mic for my new home digital studio. I did a lot of research, and was very impressed with what I found out about Rode. Still, I was hesitant up until I actually plugged the Rode NT 1 in and gave it a test flight. I b…

Translated user reviews
  • RODE NT2

    RODE NT2 - " a top choice!"


    Microphone that has been proven for a long time, choosing the type of record by push button, very dynamic and accurate with a grain that leaves no one indifferent and great value for money! OVERALL OPINION I had the opportunity in the past to use…

  • RODE NT2

    RODE NT2 - " I still love it ..."


    Static condenser microphone. Needs a phantom power. Cardio / omni Low cut or not to choose 10db OVERALL OPINION I still can not understand why it is a much-maligned, his famous nasty bump etc ... It was compared to the neuman at its outpu…

  • RODE NT2000

    RODE NT2000 - " Moderately satisfied"


    Song taken amp electric guitar. OVERALL OPINION I do not like too much bump in the treble. I do not like about my voice. I thought he would bring out my voice for rock, but this is not the case. So I use it to record a guitar amp (not bad).…

  • RODE NT1

    RODE NT1 - " the sound of silence!"


    cardioid microphone for studio condenser phantom power required. OVERALL OPINION acquired two years ago, it has not been used, but it is a treat to use! I have no basis for comparison, this is my first real microphone, but what appealed to me abo…

  • RODE NT1

    RODE NT1 - " Good value for money"


    Voice (hearts) preferably because I have better for vocals. Acoustic guitar. Charley fine on my battery with a simple correction to the mix. OVERALL OPINION This is my first studio mic and I really APRIS with to start is the top and he does many …