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Lighting Effects Machines user reviews

  • Look Solutions Unique 2.1

    Look Solutions Unique 2.1 - " very well"


    I am using this material for 1 year and I am delighted no comparison with a machine fumée.cette machine consumes little product and made very good job associated mandrillo a (highly recommended) I tried also other hazer, and this machine meets me…

  • Chauvet Geyser RGB

    Chauvet Geyser RGB - spratts's review


    First performance last night with 2 Machine Used with a remote control Very good record for the happy moment of my expense Machine actually hungry liquid but you can not have everything On very beautiful scene rendered Level maintained …

  • Antari Z-350 Fazer

    Antari Z-350 Fazer - " Good machine that does its job"


    I just made the purchase of this little machine in a little show for Antari dinner with karaoke night. Use 1 for the moment. The start is simple, one filled, one branch and 4 minutes after it is ready. Do not really knowing how it would react in …

  • Mac Mah FOG1200/2

    Mac Mah FOG1200/2 - " good deal"


    smoke machine used for 3 months. Comes with wired remote and wireless. Before I had a antari 800 w. I like the price, impressive speed, with a very high density smoke the result is stunning, and especially its wireless controller. Less, I really do…

  • Ibiza Light LSM-800W

    Ibiza Light LSM-800W - yaya8181's review


    Good machine. Nothing to say. Besides it is long at startup. …

  • Chauvet F-900 - Hurricane 900

    Chauvet F-900 - Hurricane 900 - " Very good"


    I use all my evenings for 2 years, never had any problems when I did absolutely no maintenance on it, not even a cleaning, nothing. The control is easy to use and the length of cable is satisfactory, the blue LEDs on the tank gives a nice look and …

  • Martin Magnum 2500 Hz

    Martin Magnum 2500 Hz - " Disappointing"


    I use it for over a year and it's been over six months since she navigates between me and my repair due to HS probe. I was thinking of buying a reliable and robust as anything I've known brand, but maleureusement this is not the case machine. Eve…

  • Jem Glaciator

    Jem Glaciator - " Very good compromise"


    Quick to install, consumable not too expensive, very quickly pays …

  • Smoke Factory Tour Hazer 2

    Smoke Factory Tour Hazer 2 - " very good product"


    I bought it in February, in addition to the DATA 2 of the same brand. I had a antari X310, the flow was not suitable to me. I went to the council after HAZER TOUR. it is a permanent fog machine throughput, 1500watts, with adjustable speed and t…

  • Smoke Factory Data 2

    Smoke Factory Data 2 - " superb machine"


    I bought this machine there 15 days. I worked with a lot of machines, often Chinese, I needed a more powerful model. a friend introduced me to this brand and model. First, the look, finish. DATA 2 is a machine 2600 w, with dual heating elemen…