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Prodipe Microphones user reviews

  • Prodipe Microphone A1 Duo

    Prodipe Microphone A1 Duo - " Very good value for money"


    Miking drums OVERALL OPINION 3 prodipe A1 1 on the Charles and 2 overhead: Very good sound reproduction I recommend them, especially the duo pack (100 €) …

  • Prodipe MC-1 Condenser Lanen

    Prodipe MC-1 Condenser Lanen - " Very good mic singing"


    Well I just received today the third micro "Ludovic Lanen," so the MC-1 wired version. No surprise. Heavy manufacturing side is just right, good grip, very low noise manipulation, resistance to feedback very good, it's nickel. I noticed that remov…

  • Prodipe TT1 Lanen

    Prodipe TT1 Lanen - " The microphone to do everything"


    Micro singing or why not included in instruments, very sensitive, bright, high output, virtually insensitive to feedback, a bit of popping but that is corrected in equa. What's good for this microphone, I'm surprised to raise the level on the table …

  • Prodipe DM8

    Prodipe DM8 - Tomt0m's review


    5 dynamic, 3 electrets OVERALL OPINION I bought this kit about 6 months ago dmos to record with my band. the case is robust, the microphones also. A micro lectret no longer works well, it puts crpitements (I put it too close to the hi-hat). for …

  • Prodipe TT1 Lanen

    Prodipe TT1 Lanen - awamga's review


    everything has been said ... OVERALL OPINION For how long have you been using it? 10In the past month. Did you try many other models before getting this one? No, just a Shure sm58 ... What thing do you like most/least about it? Most: pow…

  • Prodipe STC-3D Ludovic Lanen

    Prodipe STC-3D Ludovic Lanen - lapiculteur's review


    Good, the above just go to the merchant site. but say it does everything OVERALL OPINION I use it for a month and I find it great but really great. it serves primarily for voice and the quality is really. I have a shure to much more expensive and…

  • Prodipe TT1 Lanen

    Prodipe TT1 Lanen - rick42's review


    chant NOTICE GLOBAL 1 month Yes I possde 2 shure beta 58 and t.bone MB85 beta these two are quite close It is a micro well finished, but unlike what I've read, it is very sensitive to feedback, so make very attention, against the voice …

  • Prodipe TT1 Lanen

    Prodipe TT1 Lanen - Muzikadonf's review


    Features What kind of microphone? (Song, sound, mixed ..) It is a song microphone What technology? (Electret capacitor ...) Ples see info below Global Reviews For how long have you been using it? 18 months What thing do you like mos…

  • Prodipe Lamp Studio Pro

    Prodipe Lamp Studio Pro - Derinho's review


    View Previous comment! OVERALL OPINION I use it for 3 months, I had one before the one USB audio technica at 2020 so as you say the change is radical! With a minimal acoustic treatment, and even without, the sound is PRO! The proposed model is fi…

  • Prodipe TT1 Lanen

    Prodipe TT1 Lanen - DoWn's review


    Cardioid dynamic vocal microphone unidirectional. The output level is thus the manufacture seems solid, except the switch turned on. OVERALL OPINION I've had it about a year. This is my first microphone, sm58 I saw many well used in various…