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Ibanez 5+ string bass guitars user reviews

  • Ibanez EDB605

    Ibanez EDB605 - "Ibanez EDB 605"


    I bought this bass unseen from musiciansfriend.com. I meticulously researched and considered a variety of different 5-string basses including models by Fender, Spector, Yamaha, Tobias, Carvin, and others by Ibanez and decided to get this one. Looking…

  • Ibanez GSR205

    Ibanez GSR205 - "Ibanez GSR 205"


    Local music shop, Socodi Music, Canterbury, England, i payed £230 It has served me well, i really wanted to learn how to play a five string bass, and so i got one, and believe it or not i prefered it to a four string by a mile. It been excellent for…

  • Ibanez GSR205

    Ibanez GSR205 - "Ibanez GSR 205"


    i purchased this bad boy from a local friend for $200!!! it was a steal! this is by far the best bass i have ever played, very easy to play fast neck for a 5 string nice and evenly proportioned not heavy, perfect for the intermediate bassist who is…

  • Ibanez SR405

    Ibanez SR405 - "Ibanez SR405"


    After playing Ibanez basses for about 5yrs, it was natural to stay with them when I ventured out for a new toy. I purchased my SR205 for $520 at my local shop, and it was worth it. First a foremost the tone is excellent, I've played around with…

Translated user reviews
  • Ibanez SR3005E

    Ibanez SR3005E - " near the perfetion"


    Low japanese, aajou body, sleeve screwed wenge / bubinga 5-ply, wenge fretboard, 24 medium frets. two soapbar bartolini US, electronica Ibanez Vari-mid (3-band parametric with medium). round rather late, unvarnished. short, a rather low 'modern…

  • Ibanez BTB405QM

    Ibanez BTB405QM - " dress unloved, and yet what his own!"


    See also UTILIZATION the handle is a highway to the fingers, flat file is changed as you wish. SOUNDS Super quiet, good for recording, its precise, clean, very clean even no noise and very pêchus, very dry, firm. not low precision or jazz b…

  • Ibanez ATK305 [1995-1999]

    Ibanez ATK305 [1995-1999] - " Super low"


    Pure Japan in 1998 there has been no mass. Flawless finish, natural wood (ash / swamp ash) varnished. Varnishes neck and body are very soft. Meca Grover big drum (like 1664), specifically solid bridge with string through option or not, as desired. …

  • Ibanez SDGR500

    Ibanez SDGR500 - " A good product!"


    This is my first bass and I'm not disappointed!! Bartolini MK1 pickups are also very versatile although more attached to a round and active preamp bass is very responsive at low settings, mid, treble volume change pickups and a passive active s…

  • Ibanez BTB676

    Ibanez BTB676 - " I love"


    Hello, I think this bass is made in Japan. Multipoint bridge Channel crossing. 24 frets. Volume, micro switch, severe acute medium UTILIZATION The handle is a highway as they say. Ultrafine for June 1st string. At ergonomics: Acces…

  • Ibanez SR1205

    Ibanez SR1205 - " Super quality / price"


    Table Ovankol Mahogany body Wenge and bubinga handle Wenge key 24 frets 2 pickups Nordstrand Big Single EQ 3-band EQB-IIISC EQ switch on / off Switch middle freq 250Hz/600Hz Made in Indonesia I put a score of 8 because the feature…