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5+ string bass guitars user reviews

  • Ibanez EDB605

    Ibanez EDB605 - "Ibanez Ergodyne EDB 605"


    I bought it from a private seller who upgraded to a Mike Lull Bass. I bought it for $350, he bought it at bass NW in seattle for around $700. This bass is much lighter than the solid maple bass I played before. It has great mid range and low end ton…

  • Ibanez SRX705

    Ibanez SRX705 - "Ibanez SRX 705"


    I had an ESP and was ready for a change so i looked on ebay and found this $900 bass for $450 this bass first off is beautiful. it has a 5 piece body and a three piece neck... with the neck through construction the sustain is great. the active eq a…

  • Ibanez EDB605

    Ibanez EDB605 - "Ibanez EDB605"


    I got this bass as a Christmas present from my wife. I played bass several years but had to sell my other one to pay bills. She paid $300 for this bass. She got it from a classified add on a website she found This bass has Very good sound. You ca…

  • Ibanez SR405

    Ibanez SR405 - "Ibanez SR405"


    I recieved the bass as a gift for my birthday, because I wanted a 5 string for extra range, to my knowlege it cost $799NZ. The active controls are great for shaping a room filling sound that depending on your tastes can either blend in with a band …

  • Ibanez GSR205

    Ibanez GSR205 - "Ibanez GSR 205"


    I got the 205 at a local music store in Ohio and paid 350 for it. This bass has a lot of low end to it with a good phat sound to it. It is a good for a beginner who wants to play a 5 string. The low b string way over powers the others and I h…

  • Ibanez BTB405QM

    Ibanez BTB405QM - "Ibanez BTB405QM"


    Purchased new at Daddy's Junky Music for $500.00 (thought it was a good deal) Great looking bass guitar, neck felt good, very tight low b string, lots of different tones available from the on board preamp configuration. Intonation does not hold, sa…

  • Schecter Stiletto Deluxe-5

    Schecter Stiletto Deluxe-5 - "Schecter Stiletto Deluxe 5 String"


    While shopping for a five string bass at a guitar center, I came across the best deal I have ever seen, an active preamped, beautifully finished, 5 string axe known as a Schecter Stiletto deluxe. Although I could only fiddle with it then, I had to ha…

  • Epiphone EB-35

    Epiphone EB-35 - "Epiphone EB-5 5 String Bass"


    I got the Epiphone EB5 from Musician's Friend online. They called it the EB3 5-string, but the real name is the EB5. I got it for $249. I wanted to step up a notch in my bass playing area by buying a 5-string bass. I wanted to be able to play dif…

  • Fender Marcus Miller Jazz Bass V

    Fender Marcus Miller Jazz Bass V - "Fender Marcus Miller Bass"


    I purchased my bass in Lake Charles, La. I was looking for a bass with active pickups. The dealer offered me a slightly used Marcus Miller signature Bass and a hard case for $600.00. That sound like a good deal so I took it. The 75 vintage look helpe…

  • Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass Ash V [2004-2006]

    Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass Ash V [2004-2006] - "Fender Deluxe Precision V"


    I bought this bass on eBay.com (you guys must go there to buy anything).Anyway it was the first time I was going on the site.I saw the bass half price (1100$).I immediatly bought it. Well, I like everything. If you have money just buy it.The neck is…