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  • TazMan VocController  & TheExtractor

    TazMan VocController & TheExtractor

    01/14/11 in TazMan VocController

    TazMan Audio has returned and re-released VocController for free (it was $25) and reduced the price of TheExtractor to $19.50 (it was $34.95).

  • Fleischprodukt Waveshaper v2.1

    Fleischprodukt Waveshaper v2.1

    01/12/11 in Fleischprodukt Waveshaper

    Fleischprodukt has updated Waveshaper to version 2.1.

  • [NAMM] Sinevibes Updates Turbo & Turbo S

    [NAMM] Sinevibes Updates Turbo & Turbo S

    01/12/11 in Sinevibes Turbo S

    Sinevibes has updated Turbo to version 1.1 and Turbo S to version 1.1.2.

  • [NAMM] Michael Ourednik Argotlunar 2

    [NAMM] Michael Ourednik Argotlunar 2

    01/12/11 in Michael Ourednik Argotlunar 2

    Michael Ourednik has announced the release of version 2.0 of Argotlunar, a real-time delay-line granulator VST effect plug-in.

  • Softrave & Syncersoft GuitarBooster

    Softrave & Syncersoft GuitarBooster

    01/06/11 in SyncerSoft GuitarBooster

    Softrave and Syncersoft have released GuitarBooster, a new plug-in designed to enrich sound with the creation of new harmonics using an algorithm based on psychoacoustic cross-modulation of harmonic operators and imposition of new frequencies.

  • Sinevibes UpdatesTurbo S

    Sinevibes UpdatesTurbo S

    01/06/11 in Sinevibes Turbo S

    Sinevibes has updated Turbo S to version 1.0.1.

  • Sinevibes Turbo S AudioUnit Plug-in

    Sinevibes Turbo S AudioUnit Plug-in

    12/24/10 in Sinevibes Turbo S

    Sinevibes announced Turbo S, a new AudioUnit effect plugin for Mac OS X.

  • ZionDSP SpectraOne

    ZionDSP SpectraOne

    12/13/10 in Zion DSP SpectraOne

    ZionDSP has released a new VST effect plug-in for Windows, SpectraOne ($19.95 AUD).

  • Starplugs DC Terminator

    Starplugs DC Terminator

    12/13/10 in Starplugs DC Terminator

    Starplugs has released DC Terminator, a free VST effect plug-in for Windows that provides DC/SUBSONIC analysis and elimination in realtime.

  • ZionDSP Lil'Plug

    ZionDSP Lil'Plug

    12/13/10 in Zion DSP Lil'Plug

    Lil'Plug offers "some warm, deep drive combined with a splash of smooth EQ," according to ZionDSP.