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Mikl O 06/05/2006

Vox AD120VT : Mikl O's user review


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2x60W modeling amp, 16 amps of more vintage (AC15/30, Fender bassman ...) to more modern (Soldano HotRod, Mesa Dual Rectifier ...), 10 pedals, 5 modules, 3 delays, three reverbs, a redutor noise, a tuner autochromatique, 32 storable programs, 2 HP 12 "Celestion ... Note also a super power selector practice.

See if there is missing information:


Operation is very simple. The manual provided is very bloody, very didactic, he explores all the possibilities so clear, and can immediately get an idea of. Getting a good sound, however, require a little effort ... In fact, the amp sounds good right now, but take charge when an AC30 is metal is a challenge, like a Soldano take control when playing jazz ... I mean, "16 amps", it means understanding and taming 16 amps, which is a certain difficulty. If I immediately found my marks with most amps "high gain" (JCM800/900, DSL2000, Soldano ... however I struggle with the Mesa Rectifier), I have a hard time was going on in the vintage style amps AC15 ... All orders are quickly mastering and general ergonomics are excellent.


I'd like to wring the neck of two misconceptions about the AD120VT, and in general Valvetronix ...

1 - Valvetronix amps are very good for metal. The models offer a whole range of very good distos, distos of spitting fat and '80 to the JCM800 distos square and accurate NuMetal of Rectifier and Soldano. I was able to find sounds kind Metallica, Rammstein, Pantera, Sepultura, Manson, Korn, no problem. I use very few pedals, mainly distos "pure" amps, and frankly it's already sending much of the wood. I was nervous to find myself stuck, and finally the Line6 Uber Metal I is currently in the closet, his amps with a much more consistent and rich.

2 - Where Line6 Flextone seek to reproduce the sound of an amp, the Valvetronix, them, not only reproduce the sound but also the behavior of an amplifier. Mean by that that the volume of the scratch button lets you switch from clean to crunch on most amps, and that the conduct "atypical or boring" to some bugs (like the treble / med / bass interactive correction ...) is reproduced. And that changes everything, because we have a real dynamic, extremely close to the lamps.

I use my amp with a Gibson Explorer with EMG pickups mounted 81 and 60. I get a range of its extremely rich, that sounds good, especially that rings true. I (re) discovered the sounds of old amps (Queen, Pink Floyd, Led Zep ...), and I took my foot on large modern amps with my guitar which is sublime. The only amp with which I ultimately evil is the Mesa Rectifier, whose "overflow medium" breaks my bu ... but it is a problem that I had already found by trying the case. I love the Soldano, however, that really bleed the eardrums when properly adjusted.


I have this amp "has me" for 15 days, and I had practiced a little before. I was looking for an amp that sounds (very) well, with which I can play at home, that allows me to take my foot, and also allows me to make the transition from the "buy you with your amp for Jim Harley start "and" double body of death with which you will sign a pact for life. " I found this amp. I touch everything, I sort, I find the sounds, effects, and other friendly alliances that ultimately I hate, and I can have a huge sound without seeing land for the cops hype day / night ( the power selector is truly a joy).

I tried a lot of amps before taking this one, many tube (DSL401, Classic 30, F30, 50 Screamer, etc. ...), and most were ultimately too powerful for my room. In addition, they did not provide for the majority, satifaisant sound for the price it costs. When the transistor amps, even on very powerful, well toupourri sound, no dynamics ... The test of Valvetronix was a revelation: he had almost everything ... Huge sound, excellent ergonomics, lots of possibilities, the power switch, the look ... In short, it was him, and without regret.

I had all VC12 amp + pedal (the big metal, not the crap plastoc) for € 1000 new. I think it's fair because the sound quality and the number of possibility afforded by the pedals and effects. But for the "normal" price shop, about € 1,250, it's expensive.

Of course, I would do an update of that opinion after a few months of use, but now if I had to make another choice, I would do the same. This amp sounds good, it's a good way to get the ear, it may be appropriate to use a house / rehearsal '/ scene, and it is perfect for my use (a bit of everything with a bulk metal still ). And I much prefer to Flextone: line6 sound the transistor, they are cold and have a dynamic of shit. There, frankly, even the lamps are addicted impressed.

/ \ AFTER 6 MONTHS / \ That is, it's been 6 months I use the beast, so I just used to it, and I can have an opinion with a step back ... I love this amp, it really is the ideal tool for grateux who wants to have fun, which is aware of his level and do not want to believe that one day will play at Bercy. There's everything, it sounds good, it sounds right now, it sounds easy. It's nice, the birds sing, want a nice little song Gentillet? CL Boutique amp, acoustic pedal, a little reverb, micro serious ... The girlfriend broke by taking the dogs, cats, canaries and the car? Marshall amp '70s, the grain it takes to tickle the crunch, a little reverb, and go for the blues ... Your boss is a big fat con heavy and you have all day? Marshall 90/Soldano/Rectifier, gain a donf, and the late ... In short, I finally found the tool that allows me to satisfy all my desires. He follows my mood, when I want. Most importantly, it can be done by hand, and go all the tamper sounds, Brassens Sepultura, Bénabar to Placebo, Rammstein at Goldman.

In short, after six months, it is always 10/10. Because there is not 11 ...