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Waves releases Version 7 of Plugin Range.

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News Waves Version 7

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Waves Version 7 is said to offer improved compatibility, enhanced DAW and OS support, and other new features.

New in Version 7:
  • Snow Leopard Support.
  • Windows 7 Support (32-bit).
  • New VST3 Features in Cubase, Nuendo & Studio One:
o Side-chain support.
o Near-zero scan time on Mac & reduced scan time on PC.
o Real plug-in parameter units displayed in automation lanes.
o Plug-in menus sorted into categories.
  • Bonus Plug-ins:
o PuigTec EQP-1A & PuigTec MEQ-5 added to Platinum and Diamond.
o V-Comp added to Diamond.
o Vocal Rider added to Mercury.
  • ICON Meter Support for Additional Plug-ins:
o C1 Parametric Compander
o DeEsser
o Doubler
o L1 Ultramaximizer
o Q10 Equalizer
o Q-Clone
o Renaissance Axx
o Renaissance Compressor
o Renaissance Equalizer
o Renaissance Reverb
o Renaissance Vox
o S1 Stereo Imager
o TrueVerb
  • Improvements and Bug Fixes:
o Reduced memory consumption during plug-in scan.
o Windows Vista and Windows 7 UAC (User Account Control) compliance.
o New Pro Tools DAE preference: Plug-in parameter single-click text entry.
o Fixed bug: In Pro Tools, pressing keys on the keyboard will no longer erase previously written Automation in Latch or Touch mode.
o Fixed bug: In Pro Tools, automation is no longer overwritten on second pass while using latch with latch prime enabled.
o Fixed bug: In Waves SoundShifter, AudioSuite processing of fragmented regions is now distortion-free.

Important Notes
V7 and V6 can run concurrently on the same computer. However, V7 and Waves versions V4 and V5 cannot. Exception: V7 is compatible with all versions of The JJP Collection and GTR3.

All previous versions of products that you update will be removed from your iLok and replaced by V7.

After updating to V7, you will not be able to use these versions again.

Check out this page for more details.
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