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Other software dynamics processors user reviews

  • Waves L1 Ultramaximizer

    Waves L1 Ultramaximizer - "The original loudness plugin by Waves"


    Waves has long since been one of the leaders when it comes to making very useful plugins. This plugin was one of the original loudness plugins in the Waves world, and it's been used on tons of mixes. While it's a bit dated today, it's still one of …

  • Waves OneKnob Louder

    Waves OneKnob Louder - "Make anything louder"


    Waves has recently released a new products for those who need something very simple to use. The software is part of the OneKnob series, and just as the title says, these plugins only have one single knob to control the effect. In a way, these plugins…

  • TC Electronic Master X3

    TC Electronic Master X3 - moosers's review


    TC Electronic's Master X3 is mastering software, meant to be the virtual version of TC's popular Finalizer hardware. I don't have this plug-in on my own system, so I wasn't involved with installing it or anything that goes along with this. However,…

  • Digital Fish Phones Normalizer [Freeware]

    Digital Fish Phones Normalizer [Freeware] - moosers's review


    The Digital Fish Phones Normalizer is a free plug-in for Mac and PC operating systems. I think it’s only available in VST format, but I’m not 100% sure on this, although that’s the format I used it in. I don’t have it running anymore on my current …

  • Digital Fish Phones The Fish Fillets [Freeware]

    Digital Fish Phones The Fish Fillets [Freeware] - moosers's review


    The Digital Fish Phones 'Fish Fillets' refers to a bundle of free plug-ins from DFP. You can get these plug-ins individually, but part of this little freeware bundle are the Blockfish, Spitfish, and Floorfish plug-ins. It's all dynamic processing p…

  • Nomad Factory A.M.T. Max Warm

    Nomad Factory A.M.T. Max Warm - "Great Limiting Plug-in With Warmth!"


    I installed the Nomad Factory AMT Max Warm limiter with no problems. There were no compatibility issues that I had. The manual (a pdf that comes with download) was very informative. The setup was pretty basic and it's a really easy plug-in to figure …

  • Oli Larkin Chopper

    Oli Larkin Chopper - moosers's review


    The Oli Larkin Chopper is a free VST plug-in for Windows. Most of the plug-ins made by Oli Larkin are only VST/Windows compatible, so the audience will be somewhat limited here. This plug-in is a gate that is pattern controlled, essentially acting …

  • Sonnox Oxford Inflator LE

    Sonnox Oxford Inflator LE - "Interesting Dynamic Processing plugin"


    This is a plug-in made by Sonnox called the Oxford Inflator. It works much like a limiter but it has a very different quality from most limiters. I haven't had any compatibility issues with my DIGI 003 to Macbook Pro PT LE setup. It took me a few mom…

  • Nomad Factory British MCL-2269

    Nomad Factory British MCL-2269 - moosers's review


    The Nomad Factory British MCL-2269 is one of two plug-ins that make up the Nomad Factory British Bundle. It comes along with the NEQ-1972 equalizer, and I don’t believe it’s available individually. The bundle is suitable for both mixing and masteri…

  • Nomad Factory Blue Tubes Dynamics

    Nomad Factory Blue Tubes Dynamics - moosers's review


    The Nomad Factory Blue Tubes Dynamics Pack is a plug-in bundle consisting of six dynamic processing plug-ins. Included in the bundle are the BT Brickwall BW-2S, BT Compressor CP-2S, BT Deesser DS-2S, BT Compressor FA770, BT Expander Gate GX622, and …