E-MU 1820m
E-MU 1820m

1820m, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from E-MU.

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kojejefroots 04/30/2006

E-MU 1820m : kojejefroots's user review


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I bought this card for two reasons:

- Its technical specifications: 2 x 8 inputs pramplifies of 6.35 with the possibility AudioDock and mounting rack with a 16-track ADAT output are numbers, and large oprationnalilit (internal effects, low-latency ASIO drivers and stable development days available)
- The report Qualit price: For performance, the price can not be beaten the more divided I have my purchase in 2 times, the first 1212M (PCI card 2 entries), then AudioDock ( external rack) then. It's faster to get into the red!

- I have a multipurpose use: 16 tracks simultaneous recording, concert sound and recording, multi effects, and re-re. No problem!

My config: Pentium III 1GB CPU, ASUS motherboard, 512MB Ram, 3 SD of 520 GB total!
And despite not always worry!

OS: XP Titanium
Monitoring: RA-300 Monitor One Mk II (Alesis)

A small regret, however: the effects supplied with the dsp cards are grs (apparently by the internal memory, which in some cases is very well for my old PC. But the memory card is low, which offers little possibility of use of effects simultaneously. It does have a good idea I think you can increase the memory or you can configure it so that the RAM of the PC can take over. But hey dj c luxury.


Installation nickel
No incompatibility date
The routing of the map is complete but requires good connaissnce its
The manual also demand knowledge (logic), print it helps!


Drivers trs stable
Updates sufficient
I work in Cubase SX 3, Reason 3, samplitude
Latency: 2ms
16-track recording (with a rack ADAT)
I rarely Exceeds 20 tracks in reading, but I get 24 tracks without using plugins (My PC is a bit limited


One year of use
I especially like the quality of its Tfpro converter, its versatile connectivity trs, and modularity.
I regret his lack of memory for managing the effects EMU
Report quality unbeatable price for the home studio in the process of professionalization.
The economy RALIS invests in the environment of the card (a good mic, good monitor speakers). It does not serve to have super converter that costs a fortune, if not a sound recording, and dissemination of quality.
I'm glad we did trs, it allowed me to offer me a quality system in homgne and cot, made with a pro.