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Software EQs user reviews

  • Sonnox Oxford EQ

    Sonnox Oxford EQ - "Great if you're a rocket scientist"


    Easy setup. No problems getting mine to work in Cubase 5. Sonnox stuff is at a pretty high level of function. They aren't selling toys. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE My friend recommended this plugin. I had been asking if he knew of a good dedicated …

  • FabFilter Pro-Q

    FabFilter Pro-Q - "Vibrant and pleasing"


    This is run on a Mac Pro Duo running Snow Leopard and Logic 9. No need for a manual if you have ever use a GUI based EQ plugin, which most DAW's these days include. The interface is like all FabFilter plugins, easy to read and navigate. This one i…

  • Waves V-EQ 4

    Waves V-EQ 4 - "4 band vintage EQ"


    This is very similar to the V-EQ3 that Waves also has. The main difference between this and the V-EQ3 is that this has an extra band. This plugin is actually modeled after the famous 1081 EQ. Waves set out to create a plugin that has the precision…

  • Digidesign MDW Hi-Res Parametric EQ 3.0

    Digidesign MDW Hi-Res Parametric EQ 3.0 - moosers's review


    The GML MDW (Massenburg Design Works) Hi-Res Parametric EQ 3.0 has become my go to equalizer in the last six months ago, and I wish it didn't take me that long to get it! It's seriously one of, if not the best EQ plug-in that I've used. This plug-i…

  • Waves V-EQ 3

    Waves V-EQ 3 - "Vintage style EQ"


    The mixture of vintage sound with the precision, reliability and response of digital stuff is always something that software engineers in the music industry are working to achieve. This is another vintage style EQ that Waves has made to help people …

  • Waves Renaissance Equalizer

    Waves Renaissance Equalizer - "Very powerful paragraphic EQ"


    EQ is easily one of the most abused tools in today's audio world. One of the biggest issues I always find is that people tend to boost way too much and bloat up the entire mix. With paragraphic EQs like this, it can help try to prevent you from EQi…

  • Waves Q-Clone

    Waves Q-Clone - "Vintage hardware EQ clone"


    The Q-clone is basically a unique plugin that allows you to select between different EQs out there by utilizing different impulses. You can even create your own from your hardware you have. That allows you to store certain sessions into this plugin…

  • Waves Q10 Equalizer

    Waves Q10 Equalizer - "A classic parametric EQ"


    Waves has been around for a long time. I think they've officially been around for about 20 or so years now. During the 90s, they released a plugin that was a parametric EQ. This parametric EQ single handedly revolutionized the digital recording wo…

  • Waves Maserati GRP

    Waves Maserati GRP - "Interesting master buss finalizer"


    Tony Maserati is one of the top music engineers and producers. He's done stuff from the Simpsons to Tupac and nearly everything in between, but his major focus tends to be on the more R&B/rap/rock side of things. Finalizing mixes can be a huge pain…

  • Waves Linear Phase EQ

    Waves Linear Phase EQ - "Very cool master buss EQ"


    When people EQ, they generally want to have the most transparent EQ possible. The Waves Linear Phase EQ attempts just that, and this is meant more for the master buss than other busses in the DAW. The Linear Phase EQ features controls for gain, low…