Behringer V-Amp 2
Behringer V-Amp 2
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Hachd 12/26/2003

Behringer V-Amp 2 : Hachd's user review


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CHARACTERISTICS trs compltent see description.


The use is very simple to use studio, especially with the latest software for computer control of the bte tlchargeable free on the Behringer site. The edition is trs sounds intuitive and simple to implement. Only downside utlisation the two buttons simultanment to change a parameter, and no time value for rglage tempos (bp over thanks to the software control). Less convenient to play on scnes, its true place is in a studio.


Effects of good quality rverbs beautiful and large, delay and modulation without rglages utlise be ready or nearly so. The distortions are full and trsralistes MODELS from the amp they imitate. Respect the MODELS gain amp (no sound on the type mtal Fender Twin Reverb). Warning against by the gain on the amp modlisation a clear trend, because we get a sound less and less prcis slamming.
I use it with diffrent guitars: Fender Strato, Peavey Eddie Van Halen, US Steinberger, Yamaha AES 800, Fender Telecoustic and guitars for the most part cites Di Marzio pickups (Tone Zone, YJM, specially custom, etc ... Go Steeve
My favorite preset on modern Hi Gain, 4 X 12, 5 rverb and delay, and c for the tapping party ............


I use it for over a year, I possde of Boss pedals, Marshall. I had and use multiple effects and pdalier, Boss ME-33 Boss GT-6, 4040 ZOOM, ZOOM GFX 8, Digitech, TC Electronics G-Major, Korg AX 1500 G, Art, ADA MP1 and MP2 etc. ... The Behringer V-amp for the price is a imcroyable machine which takes a bit of all these machines and to allow guitarists or confirmed amateurs create their own sounds that can not afford to have a twin, of a Rectifier, one Roland, an Engel ....