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New RME Interfaces Drivers

RME releases a new driver generation for all FireWire, USB and PCI/PCI Express interfaces

The latest drivers for Windows and Mac PC, now available on RME’s website for download, include several new features. The updated drivers support all current interfaces, including the Fireface series, Multiface/Digiface, Babyface, and the complete line of HDSP cards, both PCI and PCI Express.


All new Windows drivers feature multi-client playback mixing. Different programs, WDM or ASIO, can now play back on the same audio channels. As long as only one program uses a playback channel the driver works as before. So changing from one audio software to another usually no longer requires to exit the other one.


Classic TotalMix on both Mac and Windows has been enhanced by 4 storable fader groups, plus a temporary one, several MIDI remote functions and options, and an Undo function, which reverts to the last state if a new mixer state (preset) has been loaded accidentally.


The new TotalMix FX, used by Babyface, Fireface UC and Fireface UFX, got a mono (single channel) output mode added to its default stereo mode, real-time operation view in the Compressor graphics, Cue buttons to quickly listen to any outputs, several new MIDI remote functions and options. The UFX has also been updated with DURecT, Direct to USB Recording.


Both Mac and Windows drivers also include performance improvements, according to the company. Under Windows multi-unit usage on multi-core CPUs needs less resources and runs at lower latencies, RME says.  WDM-compatibility and operation is said to have been improved, and small changes like the new Settings dialogs of all units are designed to make working with the interfaces easier, especially under Windows 7. The Mac USB driver has been reworked.


The operation of the TCO, RME’s Time Code Option for specific cards, has been changed. Accuracy and stability of APP-based time code have been increased, RME says. This update consists of the new drivers and a new firmware for all products supporting the HDSP TCO.


Product website: www.rme-audio.de

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