Akai MPC2000XL
Akai MPC2000XL
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MGR/The Knowledgable producer. 01/28/2002

MGR/The Knowledgable producer. 's review"Akai MPC 2000XL Studio Plus"

Akai MPC2000XL
Mars music 2000-2001. I Wanted to make hip hop, Drum & bass, Ambient, Trip hop. I paid $2199.00 Plus 2 16mb simms memory chips($75 for both i think?). Also an external 100MB ZIP drive $100 plus $20 for the cord. So about $2394.00

It is quite straight forward. The manual is pretty short and to the point. The features i like are the BPM feature. It allows you to change the tempo of a sample with out affecting the pitch. So, its magic. As if it is actually being played slower/faster. It also lets you know the bmp of the sample by calculating the length. You can create and save programs, which means all the parameter, mixer and effects settings also the sounds and the pads they are assigned to are saved. Note ( you would have to have a zip/cdrom or harddrive to save to. The MPC itself cant save). The MPC allows you to see the waveform of the sample you are working with, i mean you have to listen to it to make sure it is right, but seeing it helps. In the trim screen it has "before to" and "after to" option. Before to plays the sound before the set start point of the sample or after to would play the sound specified after the end point of the sample. This helps to make seamless loops. It has 4 pad banks A,B,C,D with a button right above the pads so you actually have 64 pads. You can specify mono or poly for each pad. With mono when you hit a pad twice in a row the first sound is cut off and starts over again. With poly the sounds overlap. You can also set simulatnious so when you hit pad A1 it wil also play up to two other pads at the same time. The MPC has a very tight sequencer. As apposed to using a computer as a sequencer especially for drums the MPC is much better. With the "Resample" function you can change the sample rate (the samples quality) and also lower the bit. The MPC 60 is 12 bit. With the 2000xl all you would have to do is change the bit of a sample from 16 to 12. So basically you can do anything the 60 or the 3000 would do or sound like. With the 2000xl you can combine bit rates for example you could lower the bit on your snare and kick to 12 bit. This will give it a rattle sound that will make it sound better, more like real drums. Then your high hats could stay at 16 bit. With the 60 or 3000 you cant adjust the bit or the sample rate.

You cant use the indvidual 8 outputs and the effects together its one or the other. You can only use the effects through the main outputs. If you hook up just a controller keyboard via midi to the mpc you cant use the modulation wheel or pitch wheel it will make no affect on the sound. For example i have a sound module that does not have a sequencer. Plus a controller keyboard. I cant use the MPC's sequencer to make a piano, bass, or guitar sequence loop. The MPC might be able to do it? You would have to have a keyboard with the sounds and a sequencer in it and then you would just sync it up through midi to the MPC. Say you had 12 different drum sounds and made a sequence then you wanted to play that sequence from a pad. This is what i call "resample" the Asr 10 and Asr x have it. The MPC does not. For instance you could set the pad to mono and then just keep pushing it over at the right times to make a new different sequence. Basicallly it has some limitations. You should check into purchasing other equipment that you want to use in conjuntion with the MPC for compatibility. They could add more funtions for making seamless loops like a function that would normalise volume or make it louder in the middle of the loop and more quiet where the start and end meet, so it would sound more smooth.

The unit is sturdy enough. You shouldnt be abusing the pads hitting them as hard as you can. I mean there is a computer inside and its a $2000 machine be careful. It is made out of good durable materials. The cover plate is metal. Just be careful for the knobs sticking up, you would want to hit them into somthing while moving it. If you plan to play live with it or move it alot you would need to buy a hard case or a padded bag. Just use common sense.

The MPC is fun because it is very easy to use and is really not all that complicated. However, it can be used to make some very complicated and dense music if you take the time. Also be aware of every detail in parameters, effects, bit rates etc. Just remember its the user not the equipment. This is a professional sampler it has alot of cool functions that can be taken advantage of, but you have to have some idea of what your doing. Like you can't just buy a guitar and expect to be good right away, same goes with the MPC. The MPC comes with 1 cd with drum sounds that is all. You have to load them yourself it has no internal sounds. It will only play what you sample into it. Be aware you will need to buy 2 16mb or 1 32mb simms memory chips plus a zip drive or cd rom or flash rom or have a computer that has SCSI so you can save samples. All this does not come with the MPC but is necessary for you to be able to use the MPC, otherwise it will be a pain to use you will have to start over every time you turn off the MPC. I highly recommend the Studio Plus version which adds the 8 individual outputs and the EB 16 effects. You can always upgrade the lower ones though. The only other sampler i would get would be by EMU or ROLAND.

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wakanaymara's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" God bless AKAI"

Akai MPC2000XL
Everything has been said again and again I think


The general configuration is it simple?

If we potash forums, videos, and more if a friend who we needle we started is fast enough to start.

The manual is clear and sufficient? ...

Like any manual you wonder if it exprés are to take the lead sometimes ..

The usual functions are they easily accessible?

Yes (Shift + ...)


Sounds they agree your style of music?

For my beats is what I need. A very good first machine.
The sound quality coming out of this machine is a pleasure to hear, coupled to my S950 I think it will do well

The expression is good? (Response to velocity, aftertouch to)?

AKAI touch is excellent. of true potato, sounds.

The effects are they effective and responsive?

Almost non-existent but we do not buy it for its effects.


How long have you been using?

1 week

Did you try many other models before buying it?

I had the chance to test MPC 60 MKII, 4000, NI Maschine.
In terms of its report / budget was the ideal candidate for the sound I wanted.

What is so special that you like most and least?

The +: His intuitiveness, simplicity, robustness, potato, its price.

The -: Its slow, its fragile floppy.

How do you rate the quality / price?

Very good.

With experience, you do again this choice?

Listen to me you who work on a computer, I do for years, and indeed it is true that this gives us a LOT of possibilities, it is much more convenient, fast, etc. etc.
But ... I will not go back on computer for anything (except to mix everything and paufiner)

Pose yourself the question, is that you already have full mouse tooth your computer screen? you have your answer.
I would do this choice without hesitation, and I really want to make me WELL hands on this mpc then discover other models, brand etc ...

God bless AKAI
Don lemone05/03/2012

Don lemone's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good bike, though ..."

Akai MPC2000XL
Audio: headphone and just the MAIN output. I envision a map 8 attractions in the ass to him.

MIDI standard.

I acquired it with a ZIP drive. I quickly updated my OS and invested in a card reader. The OS includes only 1 GB cards, hard to find. But still he walks with maps 2 and 4 GB, even if it does not use only 1. Am I clear?

Sounds, that's it. Emphasis his. Via the input sample or via SD card, with a program on my mac. Boring anyway, I prefer to use the audio input.

The sequencer is good, you type, that's what you want, without delay, that changes in software, no lag, no crappy auto quantize.

Nice, also some software I cut my teeth on a QY 700, which is a must for me in terms of practicality (aaaah, the big screen, the grid, the step ....) and a MC-303 from Roland. Although her galley on the other hand.

After tapping my pads, I generally add swing to "humanize" a little more what I do.


A blow to take casually, we enter a new world. You forget the notes, tips, widgets. You got a sound, thou assigned. In fact, I seem to spend more time on my hair cut, edit, stretcher, the slicer ... And to return my drum kits that make the sound. But it has a playful side. And then the software sounds, well you pass the same, more time to try the plug-in to do his ... And you will not necessarily win.

You go back to basics really.

And I keep on my SD complete with batteries, I'm getting very frank wank kits and varied. After, it's just annoying to navigate in the memory, to preview the samples, assign, etc. ...

The manual, my faith ... Were in English, I downloaded it in French on the net. One, two, three literalist readings, readings few diagonals on details, and in it goes pretty fast. Automation are created at the end you work without realizing it. And you're going fast.

There's some pitfalls on the other hand, about the editing of such slices. We must trust the machine. Just once, the time stretch, I notice that the tempo varies from the one I assigned to my loop and that of the sequence. Another trap, capture sound: too strong, too weak ...

Common functions, accessible yeah. The price again some manual readings. You sail no submenu submenu, you want something, you press on the button and presto.


No effect, or minimum. What I wanted anyway, even if a delay, reverb, EQ and even a little would please.

Has no competence in mix, it filled me to have all these virtual racks to manage, even though I know not to use them. Kind the comp, the EQ ornate, ...

So I make my sounds, I record my tracks, I give the guy who knows how, and we made the mix there is to do ...


I use it for almost a year.

I went through the QY 700, 100 QY, log style of FL or Live before.

I love the fluidity, the pads, the robustness. The design also post-USSR. Simple.

I do not like the weight of the brothel, annoying to carry around. I like not everything is optional, such as 8 separate outputs or effects.

€ 400 for it, frankly it's okay, it's not excssif.

I will ever choose, but my ultimate dream is to have my workstation Park: ASR 10, MPC 60, 3000, 2500, etc ... but all are not as accessible.

Anonymous 's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" a very good machine but ..."

Akai MPC2000XL
Everything has already been said on this sampler / sequencer, effects option via map ... exceeded Connectors (SCSI) when you look at what is happening today. The Midi is ok.


The general pattern is clear enough, although I think that to fully exploit this machine, you still have a little reading the manual is very well done.
The course menu is good, although today it seems outdated.


Is 16 bits, so it's the former. The sound is pretty metal, it feels good grain Akai is very urban, heavy. For hip hop this is perfect.
Following is a quality but also a failure because that stereotype a bit samples played. One can get tired of this type of sound.
The reaction to velocity and aftertouch are good.


I used it about a year and I sold because it is a machine from the early '90s and now has become completely outdated (connectivity, storage, ...), although it retains a certain charm in its use, and its appearance.
It is very solid, the sequencer is very well done, it is a machine that offers huge opportunities.
Now, with experience, I will not go this choice today because as I said a machine is technologically outdated. I will ever willingly choose by the cons in the 90s or early 2000s. Opt instead for now MPC 500 or 1000.

bayaxel's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Akai MPC2000XL
I had a GPA for 9 years, EXCELLENT for MIDI
There are cards for obtionnelle effects and output separate audio with SPDIF
sampler with a good pad, with a good converter


Manuel clear, easy to use for the creation in real time with the pads or a MIDI keyboard connected
but when we enter the changes made to the galley, to simply delete or move a large foot shift or change its velocity must be pascient, you enter the menu and sub menu, and not worth a good MIDI software


I speak of sounds effects (map obtion) effects of good qualities, a good converter with its grain tipical AKAI


Plus, play with the pads rytme
costo a machine that made its reputation
Least, the programming menu and sub menu is tiring
I keep 8 years and have had a hard part with it
A beautiful machine

Mpc's's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Akai MPC2000XL
All t is, simple and effective for the CONTRL noon (or pluging expander) and squenceur is simple and intuitive.


I'm not good at English, yet I easily understood functions, so it is intuitive, I is not really open the manual, so I would not give an opinion deu.


The sounds they agree your style of music?
Yes, hip-hop is perfect, what are the beat in 5min What once built the kit, as a sampler, that we ensure that the clack, and with it there is no problem, it's clean.

The expression is good? (Raction VLOC the aftertouch)?
As the opinion prcdant the VLOC is gnial and touch pads are inimitable and unbreakable, the REFERENCE!


Its been 8 years since I use the 2000XL and the road we do together, with the exprience I realized something, when have a machine like the rsistante and also functional is gard as the best one day or another it will look like the other MPC
Charles Bunk03/23/2009

Charles Bunk's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Akai MPC2000XL
- What connections (audio, MIDI ...)?

Audio, MIDI, optional spares output (very useful for mixing). I expect mine.

- How many sounds and styles available? Are ditables? Through a utility Mac / PC?

The sounds that fit in! This is a sampler! There is a PC editor I believe ... Completely useless for me.

- Has he an effects section?

Yes, but ugly and optional.

- What are the characters of squenceur? ...

Trs neutral function swing (which I do not use) is correct. Let's say the goal is primarily to humanize and give his personal groove. So always j'enlve quantification.
8 / 10 because too many options. Trs Akaen apparently as mthode ...


- The configuration gnrale Is it easy?

APRS three readings of the manual yes. Is happiness. If there is some knowledge of it to rev faster.

- The usual functions are they easily accessible?

YES (I would scream).

- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...



- The sounds they agree your style of music?

It is neutral, so you must type the sounds before loading in the BTE. As a sequencer virtual wholesale. I do hip hop ... No worries.

- Are they ralistes?


- The effects are they effective and responsive?

Not serve me.

- The expression is good? (Raction VLOC the aftertouch)?

Ms. APRS all these years, the pads are nickel.

- What are the sounds you prfrez, you dtest? ...



- How long have you use it?

2 short months, I feel that has made a lifetime.

- What is the particular feature you like best and least?

The concept. More notch computer, just the ears, fingers and samples. adveloppe another thing that stuck in front of a screen ...

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?

GURU MPD 24 + ... But less well ... I keep my GURU for dcouper samples.

- How do you report qualitprix?

Occasion, but the argus is justified.

- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...

The 2000 XL is so rsistantes.

A choice I would take a 60 or 3000 for their audio or sequencer ...

doumson's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Akai MPC2000XL
separate outputs optional
Optional effects
the sequencer great groove


Quick easy to use is a pleasure to work on this machine, the sequencer a nice groove but I find it a bit limited
I never open the manual has


The sound is neutral're really not much difference after sampler, no charm, absolutely nothing to do with the S950 or other ASR10.
Optional effects are pretty bad, if not worse!
a single filter and no more.


I use it for 5 years, which are good with this machine is how quickly a design a beat, perfect for beginners, adapt to hip-hop, it does not break your teeth like a machine of 80 years - 90 or a lot of parameters to manage, but be careful it's still a bit old anyway (unless you installed the flash card ect ...)
many well-known artist is still used (20syl for example) so it're not exceeded.
I find this machine shipped overnight for the time but when I see the price of one I would rather have an MPC1000 2000XL USB even without!
I lean more heavily on older machines such as grain typed of EMU SP1200 but for the MPC2000XL I would do the same choice again.

ganesha's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Akai MPC2000XL
- Stereo audio output connectors / MIDI / SMPTE /
- No effect
- Sequencer very groovy


-Configuration and simple handling
-Rudimentary functions easy to understand
-Manual too basic


-Slap sound good but the little memory that you can not enmagasiner a max of samples, since I went on logic and I see the difference.
-Drum sounds go really well, normal is a BAR at the bottom!


I used it for 5 / 6 years and after she slept in the back of a closet because the big problem is that it is more suited to something other than hip hop basic editing is more difficult on a computer, and memory not enough. On the other hand the loading time of samples may be too long: imagine loading a new program on a live, one must fill the void! Otherwise the sound is good, very dynamic
With the experience for a first choice I would say that it is to learn the basics of a sequencer but qu'aujourdhui is more appropriate.

MCakhenaton's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Akai MPC2000XL
Everything is there to control these devices MIDI instrumentals and make a sample basis, the producer must, without it, many would certainly never out


Config simple and effective, what does Discover who is more in the other models, for my taste, the pads on the left and implementing R linn was something short, man / machine interface for me innégalée


For the hip hop RNB, as the great classic asr10 efficient, warm top


Almost 20 years with the mpc 60 and today the MPC2000 XL and that happiness, bought new drive and changed to a flash card reader bought from Mr. CF MCD MPC (Tel: 0662304759) for those interested .. . (Mcd LE) jewelry.