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Cort Solid Body Electric Guitars user reviews

  • Cort M520

    Cort M520 - "Cort m520"


    I bought this guitar used at North Shore Music in Thunder Bay Ontario. It was in the window and i was like "damn that thing looks like a PRS" then i saw the price tag expecting a bare minimum of $800...but then i saw it...$290. (used) so im thinking …

  • Cort G260

    Cort G260 - "Cort G260HB"


    I bought this on eBay from Cranes Music in Cardiff for £190 (new). My son started playing electric guitar and I got the bug! I liked the look of it on eBay and it seemed pretty good value. I like the all-wood, swamp ash finish. All the hardware is …

  • Cort X-2

    Cort X-2 - "Cort x-6"


    i learnd guitar for something like half year and i was searching fpor a nice electric guitar and alot of people told me to buy this living in israel so everything here is expensive. i purchaset it for 300 dollars(1500 nis). i purchased it in a…

  • Cort HBS-I

    Cort HBS-I - "Cort Signature Series Hiram Bullock"


    I found my cort in a little used guitar store named Kitts Music in montreal and I fell in love with it. it has the combination of humbucking pickups and single coil pickups so you can have a gibson sound and a fender sound. I paid 350$ canadian for …

  • Cort X-2

    Cort X-2 - "Cort X-6"


    I bought this guitar from a music store in newport and it was about £210. I bought this guitar because i wanted a nice metal sounding guitar that had a decent locking tuner. There are so many good things about this unit. It has mightymite pick up's …

  • Cort X-9

    Cort X-9 - "Cort X9"


    Bought it from swee lee(singapore) for about $465 brand new. Ws recommended by de salesperson there. Its black n the finish is superb n rather hard to scratch. Sounds fantastic on distortion n even has coil tap. pickups in de style of HSH. sturdy n …

  • Cort X-6 SM

    Cort X-6 SM - "Cort X6"


    I was looking for a contrast to my LP style guitar and found the X6 at a local guitar shop. After trying that and a few other guitars i finally arrived at the decision to buy it. I acquired the guitar for £260. Looks amazing and in my opinion looks …

  • Cort CL1000

    Cort CL1000 - "Cort CL 1000"


    i bought this guitar at a local shop brand new for $350. this guitar has great sound. it has a great neck for soloing, and the pickups really catch peoples eyes. the coil tap works great. its like having 2 guitars in one. i have played almost ever…

  • Cort X-2

    Cort X-2 - "Cort X-6"


    I was walking round oxgord for a looking fora new guitar and i saw this shiny lack guitar staring me in the face. I instantly walked into the shop and played the guitar to death. I ended up paying around £250 for the x-6. brilliant fretboard. easy…

  • Cort M520

    Cort M520 - "Cort M520"


    Well, I bought this guitar at a store ... It was on the wall ... it's brand new ... I got my guitar in Calgary, AB at the Guitar Connection (small shop on 17th Ave.) This guitar is worth $700, I got it for $500. I got it because i out grew my Memp…